Apr 8 2016
05:59 am

More allegations have been substantiated by the NRC in 2016 for Watts Bar than for any other plant. In fact, the only allegation substantiated by the NRC in 2016 for the entire fleet of operating nuclear plants was at Watts Bar.

"But more important than the number of these allegations is their seriousness, so just adding up the number may not indicate how serious a problem there may or may not be," [NRC spokesman Roger] Hannah said.

TVA plans to soon start limited power production at the unit 2 reactor at Watts Bar, 43 years after construction began. Work on the reactor has been started and stopped several times through the years. But TVA plans to have the reactor running at full power and declared a commercial unit by June, [TVA spokesman Jim] Hopson said.

Maybe they should not be in such a rush to meet the June deadline. It's been 43 years after all.

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TVA employees talk of an

TVA employees talk of an increasingly hostile work environment and this report seems to confirm it, at least where the NRC looked closely. All I have to add is that a fish rots from the head down.

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