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Heat that escapes into the atmosphere from the energy used to warm homes, drive cars and run factories is altering the jet stream and causing wintertime temperatures to rise in remote, sparsely populated stretches of the Northern Hemisphere, according to a new study.

The finding helps explain a mismatch of up to 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree Celsius) between the observed temperature in some regions and what is produced by models that simulate the global climate. Scientists had attributed the mismatch to natural variability or errors in the models.

Wasted energy from cities helps explain global warming mystery

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Although I'm sure about heat

Although I'm sure about heat "waste"escaping, I wonder about the health effects of an airtight home?

I live in an older house, built in 1960. I'm sure it would probably be considered energy inefficient and a little drafty.

But I like a house that breathes.

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An extremely well insulated

An extremely well insulated and leak proofed house will still have about 3 volumes of air exchange and no mechanical ventilation is needed.

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All other issues are Titanic deck chair rearrangements

Prominent environmental economist says we're on track for 4 degrees of warming. That would be double the 2 deg. maximum deemed allowable to civilization--ie, we're rapidly heading toward catastrophic and probably irreversible damage to the planet. We've so far only seen about 0.8 degrees.


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"environmental economist"

That's a new one. Where do they get these titles? Harry Potter?

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Harvard Environmental

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So a bunch of university

So a bunch of university twits that use science and data and facts instead of having faith in Fox and believing in Rush? That will never work!

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"That's a new one. Where do

"That's a new one. Where do they get these titles? Harry Potter?"

By ecology we mean the body of knowledge concerning the economy of nature -- Ernst Haeckel (1869)

(Haeckel explicitly used the same Greek root for economy, oikos, when he coined the term "ecology" in order to emphasize the deep similarities in how competition and the use and movement of resources works in both the natural world and in human societies.)

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"environmental economist"

Yeah, I took it at face value. Didn't have time to do more research on the guy other than read the piece. I was not familiar with the him, but as metulj nods, all economists don't keep their noses buried in the fossil fuel gravy train for the sake of the next quarterly report. Krugman is one who doesn't. Most probably do, sure.

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Even UT offers courses in

Even UT offers courses in environmental economics.

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