Washington is on track to become the first place in the country to allow people as young as 16 to vote in federal elections, including for president, as the nation glimpses the emerging political power of the generation that follows millennials.

DC May give 16 year olds right to vote

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It's a great idea. Our 16 year olds are our most informed citizens.

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sixteen years old

is not a millenial.

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I didn't say they were in charge of the curriculum.

But they're the one we send to learning institutions every day. The failures of school structure are the failures of our generation.

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But your suggestion that they

But your suggestion that they are in fact ignorant, whoever's fault it may be, it doesn't square with the assertion that they are "our most informed citizens." And yes, 16 year old are not technically millennials, but if there is evidence that they are the most informed citizens we have, more informed somehow than those only slightly older than them, then I haven't seen it. And if somehow the 16 year Olds are better informed than their largely college educated 20 to 30 year old seniors, then what does that say about the jobs our colleges and universities are doing?

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Honestly, I'm not even sure

Honestly, I'm not even sure 18 year olds should vote. At one time, teenagers were forced to take on more responsibility and to mature faster. With today's society, I'm not even sure 21 year olds are really adults anymore. But I do agree that anyone who is old enough to serve in the military should be able to vote too. 16 year olds determining election results is a hard pill to swallow though.

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