I guess the Brits don’t like corker either….

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What a wanker!  I like

What a wanker!  I like him.  You're right about one thing, though; to many the language would be considered "colorful".

"If a thing is worth having, it's worth cheating for." - W. C. Fields

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That just rocked. "The

That just rocked. "The Republican backed down like a bitch!" Oh, my! And it just gets better.

The Brits know how to do politics. Can you imagine Bush having to stand before Congress like Blair has to stand before the House of Commons? I didn't think so.

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lol, awesome!! my response

lol, awesome!! my response in WoW(world of warcraft) jargin would have to be, /clap......../cheer
and Corker can be the worst possible thing on an MMPOG
a n00b.lmao

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