Feb 4 2018
06:45 am

Alvin Kamara named NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year...

Including his signing bonus, Kamara made over $1.4 milliion in his rookie year. Here's one reason why...

So, whatever happened to Butch Jones and Jalen Hurd?

Some other football related stuff:

Janet Jackson will NOT be performing with Justin Timberlake during the Super Bowl half-time show. Or so she says...

The Puppy Bowl starts at 3PM on Animal Planet.

Also, Jeopardy nerds v. football trivia...

Average Guy's picture


Pruitt's coming from a coach who benched his quarterback at haft time of the national championship game. A quarterback who happened to be the offensive MVP of the previous national championship game.

Hopefully "best player plays" wins out over blind dedication going forward.

Congrats to AK41!

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