Jun 28 2010
02:17 pm
By: CE Petro  shortURL

According to Wamp, the stimulus was bad for Americans. Unless of course, he can tout what the stimulus funds were used for without having to mention the stimulus funds. (emphasis mine)

On Friday, Wamp’s office released a statement praising the construction of a new Alstom steam and gas turbine factory in Chattanooga. Wamp said the $300 million dollar factory, “means good high-end manufacturing jobs for our region’s workers.” Wamp did not mention anywhere in the release that Alstom’s new plant was boosted by $63 million in stimulus funds, and that the Recovery Act Wamp opposed contains various clean energy loan guarantees and tax credits for Alstom’s business.

Think Progress goes on to document Wamps flip-flops on stimulus funding for the past year and a half -- some wonderfully usable direct quotes in this election season.

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Guess Wamp failed to meet

Guess Wamp failed to meet them at the border to repel all those federal dollars!

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