Dec 4 2007
11:48 pm
By: Factchecker

Somehow I find this even more unbelievable than Duhbya's pathetic weaseling in front of the press today re the NIE nukular weapons report on Iran. He's clearly spreading some major bull in the name of jocularity (I suppose), and then, most bizarrely, suddenly rats out a specific reporter for "pass[ing] a virus around" to him and to "half the press corps."

What a dick! Watch it and also see if he at times reminds you of Barney Fife.

Sarge's picture

Comparing Bush to Barney

Comparing Bush to Barney Fife is a insult to all of the Barney Fifes in the world. Bush reminds my of a lying draft dodging coward that morphed into a lying draft dodging bully upon obtaining the power of the President of the United States.

Carole Borges's picture

I can see it! I can see it!

The inept bumbling and groping for words. The slightly exaggerated gestures. Bush looked shot during the news conference. His face sometimes gets real tight. My ex-husband used to look like that when he was fighting off a hangover or emotional stress he couldn't handle.

Forrest Erickson's picture

Unfortunately, we are responsible for the Bush / Cheney mess.

So we will have to clean it up. Our imitate act should be to stop more damage to our men and women in the services by removing this incompetent Commander N Cheat and the Vice Commander N Liar.

If we continue to fail to hold this corrupt administration accountable, we have only our selves to blame and our children’s future to sacrifice.

We must pressure our congressman Duncan to become a cosponsor to HR333 calling for the impeachment of Cheney now or face replacement in November of 2008.

Duncan’s Knoxville office is: (865) 523-3772

Forrest Erickson

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