Mar 4 2013
12:55 pm


This video highlights some of the problems with vouchers. Millions are being spent to promote this plan. It's about ideology and private school benefits, not improving outcomes for kids.

There is an important committee vote on this Tuesday March 5th. Contact our legislators; ask them to say no to vouchers.

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Thanks, Indya.

Standing Together 4 Strong Community Schools has also launched this petition we can (hastily) sign at

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BTW, I was reminded on seeing Rep. John Forgety (R-Athens) in Indya's clip that in addition to being opposed to vouchers, he is also opposed to a state-level charter authorizer.

Strong Community Schools has expressed support for Forgety's HB0446, which would shift the final decision on any charter application from the proposed state charter authorizer to the chancery court system.

More Republicans like Forgety, please!

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