Nov 26 2017
07:16 am

This is the first time ever that the Vols have gone 0-8 in SEC play. This is the first time ever that the Vols have lost 8 games in a season. Not sure of when the last time the Vols were beaten by both Kentucky and Vanderbilt in the same season, but it was a long time ago. Tennessee has gone from National Champions to last in the SEC in 20 years. This is almost as bad as it gets. I guess we could have lost every single game, so there's that.

Can we fire Butch again? Hope our new coach isn't Google McSparkypants.

OK, then.

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The night the lights went out

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John Currie

is the republican economist of athletic directors.

Lets keep making the same mistake only bigger.

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They apparently also set a

They apparently also set a new record for how fast they can rid of a coach.

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Tennessee stiffs Greg Schiano

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His tenure at Tampa

Included spying on his players in the locker room. The fans are the ones getting stiffed. This was not a good coaching hire. He did some nice things at an academic school in an academic conference. He was overmatched here.

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I got my doctorate at Rutgers while Schiano was there. UT dodged a bullet. He shouldn't have been under consideration at all because of his Penn State/Sandusky ties, but, while embarrassing, they made the right move to pull back after the outcry. My first two years at Rutgers I taught Geography 101 in the second semester as part of my fellowship. This is a gen-ed course at big schools and, it being Rutgers, I was told "C average for the class, please. Grade inflation is for Princeton." I had several football players (including NAME REDACTED) in the course and I immediately started getting pressure from "academic advisers" about their grades for eligibility reasons. It was happening all over campus and the faculty started getting pissed. This is a school that played the first football game (Rutgers vs Princeton, I think) in 1869 and promptly went on an historic 137 year tradition of being the worst team in the country. Schiano was basically trying to flip nerdy Rutgers into an SEC style football school. He took them to 5 bowl games and was regularly winning 8 games a year at the end. I was promoted and moved on to teach at the Bloustein School for Public Policy. You don't see many football players in planning and public policy courses, but it was eye-opening and, in the end, a preparation for coming back to teach at UT where the "academic adviser" pressure is unreal and just barely legal under NCAA rules.

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Just as an aside, I think

Just as an aside, I think that kind of stuff goes on everywhere. I taught at LMU in the late 70s and was put under significant pressure from the dean to change the grade of a basketball player. He had a 37 average so I refused. I also didn't get a contract the next semester.

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It does go on at most places,

It does go on at most places, but the varying degrees angle comes into play here. One of the wonderful things about being at a completely terrible sports university is "varying degrees."

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Driving down Neyland

Driving down Neyland yesterday i was struck by the huge portraits of Butch on the jumbotron. Wonder how long they'll stay up

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UT President Bill Haslam?

What's it going to look like when this crowd looks to install Bill Haslam as the next University of Tennessee president, about this time in 2018? You think the peasants and their pitchforks will come out again an obviously bad idea, potentially the worst hire at Tennessee since Lamar Alexander was installed as University of Tennessee president in the early 1990s while he incubated to run against Bill Clinton?

Who do you think put Alexander in the big chair to begin the university's slide and glide to complete academic and athletic irrelevance in the South?

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been saying

I'm afraid Bill Haslam will be the next UT President. I can't think of a quicker way to destroy what is left of UT. I don't see how it can be stopped.

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