Jul 3 2013
06:42 am

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey touts the launch of the new Office of the Repealer in a press release, saying:

"I'm proud to serve in a legislature where success is measured not by how many new laws are passed, but by the amount of burdensome rules and regulations that are repealed and abolished. The Office of the Repealer is an outstanding tool in the fight against bureaucratic red tape and big government."

State Rep. Glen Casada says "While Washington is out of control, Tennessee is getting it right. We understand that the fewer laws we have on the books that regulate the lives of Tennesseans, the better."

According to Tennessee logic and math, you can reduce the size of government by creating a new bureaucracy.

Wonder if they will start by repealing state environmental regulations? Make your suggestions here.

The "Office of the Repealer" idea apparently originated with Gov. Sam Brownback of Kansas. Looks like Illinois is also considering it.

tennesseevaluesauthority's picture

I'm sure this new job will

I'm sure this new job will have a direct fax line set up with the ALEC offices, in whichever corner of Hell those currently occupy.

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Ron promised to stamp out red tape was the brainchild of Ron Ramsey in 2011. One could tattle about government waste and abuse and Ron would be all over it like wrinkles on a cheap suit.

Of course, unlike Ron, didn't last very long.

Office of the Repealer has such a W-esque ring to it, don't you think?

Just looked at the press release. I note, with no surprise, that the LtGov's General Assembly letterhead lists a campaign mailing address.

Andy Axel's picture

We understand that the fewer

We understand that the fewer laws we have on the books that regulate the lives of Tennesseans, the better.

Unless it means buying wine on Sunday or having an abortion.

redmondkr's picture

or getting married.Will

or getting married.

And will Tennesseans soon see a West, TX style result of this marvelous smaller government?

Andy Axel's picture

Ahem. TVA ash spill.

Ahem. TVA ash spill.

Andy Axel's picture

Randy: This is comedy gold


This is comedy gold waiting to happen. Have you clicked on the link for the Repealer Appealer?


If you believe that an anachronistic, obsolete, defective, duplicative, contradictory, unnecessary or incomprehensible Tennessee state law or rule exists, please use the form below to enter your contact information and the law or rule that you would like to be reviewed.

And then they have checkboxes.

  1. Anachronistic
  2. Duplicative
  3. Incomprehensible
  4. Obsolete
  5. Contradictory
  6. Defective
  7. Unnecessary

These tags need to be assigned to nearly every piece of Campfield legislation.....

Rachel's picture

Srsly? Cause my guess is

Srsly? Cause my guess is that a significant # of folks who visit that site won't know what most of those high-faultin' words mean.

Andy Axel's picture

Feature. Not bug. And, of

Feature. Not bug.

And, of course, high entertainment.

How should they read?

Ain't needed
Already got one like it
Don't get it
Ain't figured it out
Because FREEDOM!

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Small Business

The one piece of stupid legislation I brought up to Massey as burdensome for small business and I asked to be fixed us still there & no interest in fixing it. But that's cause it's anti-immigrant.

Ill try the form, but I don't have high hopes.

Min's picture

Ah, yes.

And Tennessee's descent into a polluted, overdeveloped, high unemployment/low wage hell continues.

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If we repealed the law

If we repealed the law against crystal meth then some of our finest would not be in prison!

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39-3-101 Definitions. In this

39-3-101 Definitions.
In this part, and in every law relating to or affecting animals, the words animal or dumb animal shall be held to include every living creature

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State of Tennessee "Bureaucratic Red Tape and Big Government"

Does this mean that Tennessee Lt. Governor Ron Ramsey is wanting to do away with the $124,800 per year state plum job at the Tennessee Comptroller of the Treasury that was created for his metrosexual boy ward Jason Mumpower after Mumpower lost his 2009 bid to become Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives?:


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