Dec 31 2012
11:25 am

I just invented a topic because this defies description. My niece liked it though.


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is it wrong to laugh?

i saw a group of monkeys riding dogs herding sheep about 7 years ago at a rodeo held at the Expo Center in White Pine and yes, the ONLY reason i attended the event was to see this marvel, and took along a few friends to watch with me. i cannot say the monkeys or dogs were happy to do this, but the sheer loopy nature of such a 'roundup' absolutely reduced me to shuddering laughter and tears. i am not proud to say this, but dang, it was such an absurd thing to see that i rank it among the funniest, weirdest, American-est moments i have ever experienced.

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Joe P., I thought the monkeys

Joe P., I thought the monkeys didn't look very happy. Nor the goats, but they are probably used to getting harassed. The dogs, on the other hand, looked to be having a lot of fun, monkeys strapped on their backs notwithstanding. And it IS pretty funny.

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if the monkeys were the same

if the monkeys were the same (they seem to be) then they are part of Team Ghost Riders, run by a fellow hailing from Memphis named Tim Lepard, who vows he gives the critters Pop Tarts and they hop right in the saddle.

"I can train a monkey to ride a dog in three days,” Lepard says. “It’s just time, patience, love, care, Pop-Tarts."

which of course only leaves room for this comment - "ok then"

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