Sep 4 2012
07:05 pm
By: R. Neal  shortURL


The pizza place up the street has closed. Previously, a nice Italian family from New Jersey ran it for several years. They spoke Italian to each other and their pizza was pretty good, and so were the other dishes we tried. The Mrs. said they used too much garlic, though.

We visited when this guy took over a while back. It was in need of a Restaurant Impossible cleaning and service was lacking despite the fact that it seemed like there were more slacker kids working there than the place would seat at its three or four small tables.

Worse, it appeared they had replaced the pizza oven and hand-tossed dough with some kind of conveyor belt contraption and pre-made (frozen?) crusts. The pizza wasn't very good. The menu had grown and seemed overly ambitious. They also seemed to have a lot of Groupon and deal-of-the-day half off coupons.

The decor featured some patriotic stuff, which is fine (the owner was a veteran) but there was also some right-wing decorating including posters for gun shows and the like. It was creepy. The poor food could not overcome the weird vibe. We never went back.

I'm not sure if this guy has ever been in the restaurant business before or knew anything about it, and it's sad that he couldn't make it. But he sure as hell seems to know exactly why his restaurant failed, and in his mind it had nothing to do with any of the above.

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Wow! It really adds that you

Wow! It really adds that you actually ate there. I do think too many people are trying to blame Obama on things that are their own damn fault. Great first hand story. I wonder how many others are out there in the same situation. Just wanting to blame somebody else.

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Tune your radio to 98.7 from

Tune your radio to 98.7 from 10am to 10pm. Someday, any day - it doesn't matter.

This is a day-in, day-out propagandized notion that has no basis in reality. But it works, and on more than just this guy.

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I listened the day after the

I listened the day after the election. My first thought was to change stations. I decided to listen for a few minutes and have tuned in now for several mornings. It is pretty scary. They are still crying over the election of President Obama. All the calls were not just ignorant people, they were all eat up with the dumbass! It really is pretty sad that people in the 21st century would be so clueless. It is very disturbing to realize that these twisted individuals that are calling in with their bullshit comments are controlling our state. I suppose we should pray for these immoral losers, but they sure make it extremely difficult with their sub-human behavior.

michael l. d.

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I'm finding the Obama haters

I'm finding the Obama haters (no shit, @Cooperhawk, they really do exist!) have a common theme in that they blame Obama for their personal and professional failures, past mantras of "personal responsibility" be damned, and they have absolute certitude about Obama and all of the liberal/socialist ills of the world. I've encountered two others in the last two weeks without looking. One was a Facebook friend (I otherwise didn't know at all) and the other was a cranky old man pumping gas at the next pump while offering every negative opinion I'd care to hear. Among other things, this guy said he had to ask the grocery store if it would accept his cash because he didn't have a food stamp card like everybody else does.

This is a cancer on this country and Rmoney/Ryan are feeding on it.

What does this Lane guy think of newer restaurants in the area that outdid him at everything? Oh yeah, it was Obama's fault.

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Conservative victimology

The conservative mantra includes two things that seemingly can't exist in the same universe. They belabor the fact that poor people, minorities and every one else who ever needs any kind of help from anyone, ever, is just trumpeting their victimhood, like little weaklings.

The other part is the fact that every single day on Rush Limbaugh and every show on Fox News, they proclaim their own besieged victimhood, as they suffer at the hands of Obama, liberal elites, and atheists who are waging a war on Christmas.

I would encourage you to post an additional sign that reads, "Man up, buddy. Be the rugged individual that you think you are, and own your failure. Your business failed because your pizza was terrible."

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Funny that a lot of you all

Funny that a lot of you all forget that the often repeated mantra of the convention that nominated Bill Clinton was "We're sick and tired of being sick and tired."

Are you sure Factchecker that none of those people were blaming Bush for their own personal and professional failures?


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1992 DNC Convention

1992 DNC Convention (Fleetwood Mac, Christi McVie):

Don't stop, thinking about tomorrow,
Don't stop, it'll soon be here,
It'll be, better than before,
Yesterday's gone, yesterday's gone.

Why don't you go out and do the research and get back with us?

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Why don't you "research"

Why don't you "research" it?

I witnessed the speaker saying it and others repeating it.

I can't account for your poor memory, and I forget who the speaker was, but I do remember her saying it in a speech, and I don't remember if Clinton himself said it, but I remember others picking up the line.

If you don't, sorry.

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The Republicans put the car

The Republicans put the car in the ditch. The Democrats have been slow getting it out.

The answer for that isn't to give the car to a guy who'd jump the ditch into your yard so he can do donuts.

Romney is to Republicans what Kerry was in 2004, an ill timed choice.

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The answer for that isn't to

The answer for that isn't to give the car to a guy who'd jump the ditch into your yard so he can do donuts.

Good one.

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I was wrong, about

I was wrong, about Clinton.

So if you are sick and tired of a government that doesn't work to create jobs, if you're sick and tired of a tax system that's stacked against you, if you're sick and tired of exploding debt and reduced investments in our future, or if, like the great civil rights pioneer Fannie Lou Hamer, you're just plain old sick and tired


I'm not going to cite the instances where it was repeated, or the interviews with delegates or other Democrats where it was repeated, but I remember that it was.

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Great speech. True then and

Great speech. True then and true in 2008 again. And we have created more jobs on Obama's watch than we did under eight years of Bush.

What's ironic is that Republicans could have exploited the weak economy they caused to get back in the White House, but they picked the worst possible symbol of exactly what caused the "creative destruction" of our economy as their nominee.

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What's ironic is that

What's ironic is that Republicans could have exploited the weak economy they caused to get back in the White House, but they picked the worst possible symbol of exactly what caused the "creative destruction" of our economy as their nominee.


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Can I get that printed on a T-shirt?

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Are you sure Factchecker that none of those people were blaming Bush for their own personal and professional failures?

Clearly my ex-FB "friend" was an Obama hater and bigot who didn't mince words, just like the failed pizza joint restauranteur. As for the gas station guy, I don't think many who think the whole country is on welfare blame it on a Republican.

Just fyi, there should be commas delineating the person to whom you're addressing, as in: Are you sure, Factchecker, that... Do you see a difference between "Let's eat Grandma!" and "Let's eat, Grandma!"?

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Two months later and the Obama economy has apparently created a new small business opportunity and a couple of new jobs.

The subject pizza place is back open under new management. The new owner is the also owner of Papa Dom's in Powell. He told the Mrs. he'd been running the Powell store for 26 years and when he heard this place was available he thought he'd give it a try.

With 26 years experience in the business, I'm guessing the new owner can make a go of it if it can be done at this location.

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Pizza update

I can now report that Papa Dom's at the new old place up the road makes a great pizza.

The first thing I noticed was the crust, which looked like it was made with fresh dough and hand tossed. Further evidence was the giant Hobart mixer there now that I didn't notice before. They still have the conveyor belt oven contraption, but the pizza was baked fine. The next thing I noticed was that it had fresh mushrooms, not canned. It was a pretty darn good pizza.

And here's another clue that the guy is for real. I ordered the smallest (10") pizza with two toppings just to try it out. It was supposed to be $7.40, which seems pretty reasonable. But, the guy who I presume was the owner only charged me $5. He said it came out a little smaller than it was supposed to be. He said he was training a new guy and apologized and insisted on only charging me $5 if that was OK.

It was fine with me. I'll be going back to see how everything else is.

They are located at 1885 Louisville Rd in Alcoa. Their number is (865) 983-4005. The new store's menu is about the same as this one.

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I'll be tossing half-price

I'll be tossing half-price pizzas tonight from 6-11, and they pay me well enough to have some beers afterwards.

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