Jan 14 2022
06:50 am

A vaccination requirement still stands for millions of health care workers. Whereas, the "Supreme Court has blocked President Biden's vaccine mandate for large employers."

Several large employers are requiring vaccines.

"United [Airlines] CEO says vaccine mandate appears to have ended weekly deaths of employees from Covid."

Wells Fargo, "which had 230,000 employees as of its last annual report, has a mandate that closely resembles the federal vaccine-or-testing requirement."

"Citi’s [Bank] stricter vaccine mandate will still go into effect on Friday. The bank is requiring its 210,000 employees be vaccinated, or else be fired at the end of this month. Head of human resources Sara Wechter said Thursday evening that the company has reached 99% compliance."

"Apparently, there is still a federal rule for federal contractors in place that still requires vaccines. The federal rule covers companies like Boeing, with 141,000 employees, and Honeywell, which has 103,000 employees, American Airlines."

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Other large employers that

Other large employers that require the coronavirus vaccine:

American Express
Anthem insurance
General Electric
Goldman Sachs

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As it becomes obvious,

Employers requiring the vaccination will have quite a competitive advantage, more and more corporations will require it. I don't want to inject politics, but, a vaccine passport for Knoxville Downtown businesses who cater to tourists is a plan that will work. I truly believe that a strong collective effort within our community will have covid manageable in a matter of months. I see a day where unvaxxed businesses will be like the leper colonies of old.

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