Jan 16 2010
06:39 am

UT's new head football coach Derek Dooley came across as a smart, articulate, hard-working man of character at his Tennessee debut last night. He's got a great football pedigree steeped in SEC tradition, and a sense of humor that he'll probably need.

He also has a law degree and practiced for two years before going into coaching. His wife is a practicing OBGYN. He has three kids, including a son named Peyton. Why was he so far down the list? Anyway, here's his press conference introduction:


Derek Dooley: Q&A (Part 1 of 2)
Derek Dooley: Q&A (Part 2 of 2)


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bizgrrl's picture

Saw the press conference. I

Saw the press conference. I was impressed. But hey, what do I know about sports? Dooley at least seems to have a personality, which Kiffin did not, IMO.

Does Hamilton always look tired and in need of a shave? I think he should of taken a few moments to freshen up before the photo op (unless, of course, that's his normal look).

Terry Troll's picture

People are hot here

Living in Southwest Louisiana as I do, I work with several grads from Tech. They are PO'd and seriously so. Dooley has a loosing record at Tech but they have gotten better each year. Tech is a poor school that has still given some good teams fits. Their budget is probably one third Tennessee's. Dooley is heavy on honorable conduct and responsibility. I think with a real budget he might do well.

katie allison granju's picture

May get me interested in football

I live in Knoxville, am married to a huge UT football fan and I am a UT alumna, so to that extent, I follow UT football. However, I've never been as into it as many of my friends and family members. But this new coach seems so interesting and smart and articulate that I may actually get more engaged in UT football than I have ever been before. I think he seems like a great choice and a huge improvement over Kiffin, who reminded me of the meanest of the mean frat boys I knew in college - those guys who would make fun of anyone different from them. Kiffin always seemed like a truly terrible example for UT to be offering the student athletes in terms of his conduct, manners, attitude and integrity (and that all became even clearer in the way he left). Pat Summit has proven that you can be a true mentor and example for student athletes while still running a very competitive program that fans love. I have a feeling Coach Dooley may offer my alma mater the same thing with the football program. Hope so. And his wife seems just as accomplished and bright as he is. I like the idea that the new coach's wife isn't doing the trophy wife thing, but instead has her own career, her own interests, and best of all, looks absolutely nothing like any character on any episode of "Real Housewives." I think Mike Hamilton has handled this difficult situation very, very well. Kudos to him on that. - Katie

Tess's picture

I will say it again.

It has been an interesting week, but the events that have transpired have been in UT's favor. Out with the bad, and let's welcome the Dooley's to Knoxville.

StaceyDiamond's picture

New Coach

I always thought Kiffin had a frat boy smirk and it bothered me. I follow more sports personalities than I do sports. Have a good feeling about Dooley. Love that he has a law degree, kind of humurous too given recent legal troubles. I hope his wife will practice here. Its great that she has a life of her own and is smart too!

James Wilson Doe III's picture

Great guy. So-so coach.

Then again, UT needs a character upgrade much more than it needs a bowl victory. Dooley doesn't have what it takes to land a title, but he'll lay some solid groundwork for the next guy. It sucks we couldn't land Troy Calhoun, but Dooley is a good second-place smallmouth.


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