Nov 24 2008
07:28 pm

Apparently she's not from around here.

Check out the letters, too. One says "Personal and Confidential." These days I guess that means "immediately post this on the internet!"

But seriously, does anyone have a clue what dreadful "personal humiliation" this poor woman suffered that gave her such a case of the vapors?

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Bifg Jim Haslam/Henry F. Potter




Who is George Bailey?

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new buyout

Wow! Does this mean a new buyout is in the works?

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Interesting that in the

Interesting that in the closing Ms. Morris saw fit to list her degrees. I guess that makes her letter more credible, or something.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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Remind me what century this

Remind me what century this is? Whats next, a duel between the husbands?

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the duel?

Whats next, a duel between the husbands?

Hey, what a half-time show for Saturday!

"I'm not a member of any organized political party. I'm a Democrat." -- Will Rogers

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As a University employee,

As a University employee, this is the type news I dread.

Each department and college is looking at budget cuts. It sounds like a power struggle is going on between the powers that be at UT.

I can only imagine that the ones who will suffer from the fallout are on the lowest rungs of the ladder.

(While this entertaining diversion is going on, other slash and burn budget things may be going on as well, but our eyes are on this instead of that.)

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Knoxnews has the

Knoxnews has the dirt:


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Quote: Gov. Phil Bredesen,


Gov. Phil Bredesen, the ex-officio chairman of the board, issued the following statement: "Governor Bredesen is aware of the situation and believes it is appropriate that the executive committee of the board continue to handle the matter."

Yes, by all means let's get the governor involved with this, because he doesn't have much to do these days.

Brian A.
I'd rather be cycling.

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A confidential source has just sent me a picture of the "rich alumni kiss each others asses and get pissy at the UT Presidents house" party. This picture was taken just before someone got a case of the vapors...

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Mollifying rich donors is hard work

It ain't easy kissing rich donor's lily white powdered butts.

Seriously, why does the wife of the Prez have to do this sort of thing? Couldn't some of the cute young things (male and female) hired by the development office at UT serve in the host/hostess capacity? I mean, in hordes. Lots of them to divert attention when one or two loses etiquette points. (The other cute ones could take up the slack in that case.)

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Sympathy for Carol Peterson

Seriously, why does the wife of the Prez have to do this (hostess) thing?

Good question.

My first thought was that Carol Peterson's "job" must be a lot like being the wife of a minister. Didn't we have one here locally shoot and kill her husband in recent years? Probably more would like to...

Meanwhile, I wonder if Ms. Morris, A.A.S, B.S., M.P.A., and multi-million $$$ donor to the Haslam Scholars program, backs a state income tax here in Tennessee? To support PUBLIC education, I mean?

Or maybe not, since her name wouldn't appear on the university's website just for paying her fair share of taxes into the state's coffers.

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Interesting segue of sympathy for the Devil and support for a State Income Tax.

Only you would have sympathy for such an elitist.

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Mollifying rich donors is hard work


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What are the problems with

What are the problems with putting the UT system under the Board of Regents system?

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Gag me with a spoon

All the woman said, we're told, was that she didn't like a particular theme for a fundraiser and found it to be "too Knox-centric?"

The KNS site is boasting nearly 100 "Yankee go home" and/or "submit to your husband" posts on this subject this morning.

It's sounding like a Southern Baptist Convention over there!

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For those who need translation,

"too Knox-centric"=redneck

Get with the program Tamara. So far you are the only person to defend this boorish behavior.

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Garbled again

"too Knox-centric"=redneck


It was Carol Peterson who said the proposed theme was "too Knox-centric."

It was the overly-offended response of Laura Morris (and too many KNS posters) that I suggest is "redneck."

I did not suggest that Carol Peterson saying "too Knox-centric" was somehow "redneck."

You can garble anything.

(No more time for this today. Talk amongst yourselves. Nine, talk TO yourself.)

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It was the overly-offended response of Laura Morris (and too many KNS posters) that I suggest is "redneck."

Let me get this straight, you think Laura Morris's response was REDNECK?

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Morris: Overly-aghast / KNS posters: Redneck

Well, no, I didn't find Laura Morris' response to be "redneck." I just found it to be overly-aghast, as in the-whole-world-revolves-around-me-I-must-write-the-governor-about-this-immediately.

I find the KNS posters and their "stand by your man," "Yankee go home" posts to be "redneck."

You're entitled to your opinion, too, of course.

Really, gone now.

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Well, no, I didn't find Laura Morris' response to be "redneck."

How do we ever know what to believe with you? That is not what you wrote. In fact, it is the opposite. What you wrote is clear.

What you should do is apologize rather than your normal dodge of "who you gonna believe, me on your lyin eyes?"


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You're right, Nine, that I

You're right, Nine, that I was less than clear about how Morris' response struck me as contrasted to how KNS posters' responses struck me. I think I subsequently clarified.

Let me clarify further:

There's a great deal of conjecture on the KNS site that alcohol was involved in this incident at the Peterson's home, but KNS DIDN'T REPORT THAT.

There's also conjecture there that Carol Peterson is known to drink to excess, but KNS DIDN'T REPORT THAT, EITHER.

And there's conjecture that this is not the first such incident involving Carol Peterson, but KNS DIDN'T REPORT THAT, EITHER.

Finally, two other persons present at the incident painted Peterson's remarks a "verbal attack," but KNS DIDN'T SUBSTANTIATE THAT IN ANY WAY.

I am responding only to the information KNS DID REPORT, namely that Carol Peterson disagreed with a proposal for a fundraiser and suggested that it was "too Knox-centric."

If KNS should later confirm any of witnesses' assertions or anonymous posters' conjecture, I would, of course, take that new information into consideration.

In no event, though, would I particularly feel that I owe you an apology for not "jumping the gun" as so many others seem to be doing.

Let's consider just the authoritative information that we've been given, huh???

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Tamara, you owe an apology

Tamara, you owe an apology to Laura. That is poor manners.

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Nobody or John Bailey?

So which one is it? And I DEMAND AN APOLOGY TOO! Because my brain was hurt by not knowing who was asking TS to apologize to laura. Sniff.
-Sugarfatpie (AKA Alex Pulsipher)

"X-Rays are a hoax."-Lord Kelvin

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You mean Joe Bailey the City

You mean Joe Bailey the City Councilman?

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Okay Brainiac 5, who is John

Okay Brainiac 5, who is John Bailey?

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I like the "Phil Fulmer for

I like the "Phil Fulmer for U.T. President" theme.

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If that pans out...

could Phil fire Mike Hamilton, or would that have to go through the board of trustees?

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Because of the "Knox

Because of the "Knox centric" comment, I wonder how much of this is leftover from the Crabtree/Petersen mess. Probably lots of bruised feelings still around from that one.

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I don't get it

The thing is that the whole "Knox-centric" thing is a perfectly reasonable complaint to have about a fundraiser for a statewide institution with campuses in four other cities outside of Knoxville. I don't get how it blew up into a "verbal attack" that left Laura Morris "in tears".

It's something that the University constantly has to be aware of with the system offices co-located on the Knoxville campus, that they don't think of Knoxville and it's symbols (Smokey, Ayres Hall, Neyland Stadium, a "shining beacon on a hill", the Volunteer) as symbols of the entire University. It really ticks off Martin and Chattanooga, particularly.

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I can't decide whether I

I can't decide whether I want to be purchase the simple "I'm Knox-centric" t-shirt, or the less understated "Proud to be Knox-centric" version. I might have to get both. They really are catchy.

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I want one that says

I want one that says "Knox-centric University Twit"

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mrs. petersen

is abrasive, misogynistic, and I speak from personal experience, she can be just plain cruel. I'm absolutely tickled watching her being fed a big fat slice of karma.

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Heh. I'm curious about the

Heh. I'm curious about the "misogynistic" charge.

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Carol and John Petersen may

Carol and John Petersen may have tried to hoodwink UT's Board of Trustees, Governor Bredesen,
and the good people of Tennessee, the taxpayers, but "those people" are not blind to this couple's actions. They saw the outpouring of support for Head Coach Phillip Fulmer after Petersen and Mike Hamilton dropped him as head coach. Now, Fulmer is being assigned the position of Special Assistant to the President. There are two reasons for it. 1. to save their jobs and 2.continue rubbing elbows with high celebrity coaches. Unfortunately, donors/alums and the poor staff have to put up with them, as well. That leaves the door open for Carol Petersen to run the university, as she has done since she arrived. If they receive an 'all clear' from the board of trustees, watch out for Carol. There will be no stopping her, as she will roll over anyone and everyone at some point and she's not even a real employee, but she has her own paid staff, which is kept under wraps.

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