Sep 14 2017
02:41 pm

UT Sports: "We will not allow for the Lady Vol brand to disappear from our athletics department or university. And today, Chancellor Davenport and I reaffirm our commitment to restore the official visibility of the Lady Vol name, logo and brand."

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Yeah! About time.

Yeah! About time.

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I have mixed feelings about

I have mixed feelings about this. In general, I think "Lady" or "-ette" diminishes women athletics. But the Lady Vols had a brand that was as strong as the Vols.

I'm glad folks are happy. But I sure wish they cared about other university-related issues (e.g. outsourcing) as much as they do about athletic team names.

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Rachel got it right. When the fight became about the name rather than the women's department itself, the people who made the brand -- the PR folks, the trainers, the strength people and the coaches -- then the fight was over and the women had lost. I hate to see us modeling 19th Century language into the 21st Century.

That said, congrats to those who never gave up. Well done.

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A lot of folks fought for this and I love the outcome. In many ways UT has lost its way regarding "good" traditions and rituals, Think about how UT used to be the UT intertwined, not the power T. Think faculty club vs concrete and asphalt. Think historic homes vs parking garages. Lady vols may be the only unique and positive identity the university has left that is historically known nationwide, if not worldwide. Think orange seats in Thompson Boling arena vs black seats. Think orange uniforms vs gray uniforms. When did black and grey become UT colors?

And yes there are bigger issues, no doubt......but if you really look, all those changes didn't just hurt women's athletics, it hurt the men too. The men's and women's athletic program success is no where close to what it has been for many sports including swimming, track and field, baseball, volleyball, football, men's basketball......

What is the UT identity? Is it academics, athletics....? Thank goodness for Pat Summitt, Lady Vols, Payton Manning, Josh Dobbs, and our academic leaders who bring a positive light to the University "brand." And yes folks still think about Pat Summitt and the Lady Vols.

I hope this sparks a pattern of better decisions and outcomes for this important state institution.

And by the way...what is that trash can about??????

Go vols!!!!!! Go Lady vols!!!!!
(UT alum, from a family with 10 degrees from UT)

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You said it well. Thank you.

You said it well. Thank you.

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