Nov 8 2020
06:53 am

Across the country voters clapped for USPS workers, a turnaround for the postal system after it had faced widespread criticism for its handling of mail-in ballots.

USPS workers hailed as heroes after Joe Biden's win

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Have you heard the latest? I

Have you heard the latest? I was waiting for this. There was a reason Republicans stacked the Supreme Court. It seems it was to steal the election.
It has started.

I only hope most of the Republicans prefer to preserve the sanctity of our democracy over loyalty to Trump.


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Article says it was a plan, nothing about actually doing it.

You'd think they could manufacture better complaints. Graham didn't say he had evidence of a plan but nothing about actually executing it. Just a lot of smoke and mirrors.

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The evidence seems weak. He

The evidence seems weak. He just mentions a plan, not that it was actually carried out. The supervisors could've been joking around the water cooler or more than likely the whole story was fabricated. Which I'm more in tune to believe.

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I told my wife the same thing

I'll bet it was supervisors in the break room joking and some guy overheard and decided it was a plot. We need to see the receipts.

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Meanwhile in Knoxville......

Corporate is coming to see why local covid response in Knoxville is so much behind the rest of the worst region in America. I've been doing this 43 years. When corporate comes over stuff like this, it's never good. Thanks Glenn Jacobs! That's what I want. Nothing like having to drive to Roane County when the company decides its next facility doesn't need to be in Knox County. Logistics centers are high risk anyway. In a county being managed for covid by a mayor undermining and sabotaging local health officials the risk rises even farther. Managing a cult to show up as a mob at public meetings is not competent government by any definition.

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Wow! It'd be nice to see

Wow! It'd be nice to see their findings.

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Lack of County Leadership

We know what they'll find. The issue is how they're going to deal with it. These things can be bloodlettings. Upper management at real businesses don't care about local officials and their unique views of our constitution. Unfortunately, the workers pay for listening to people like Glenn Jacobs.

I hope today is an eye opening event and the start of a mask policy that will keep us from having to operate at reduced capacity or even shut down part of our operation during the holidays. Virtually none of our elected officials seem to have a grasp on this situation.

There are folks more qualified than I to comment on what happens when these statistics reach this point, but I can tell it's not looking good.

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Jacobs did his job by

Jacobs did his job by downplaying the virus knowing that this virus could cause serious health issues or even death. He got Republicans out to vote knowing many democrats probably wouldn't go to the polls because of taking the virus serious and many of those would choose not to vote than to bother with mail in ballots. I think he might have played us stupid Knoxcountians. Here in Knox County we are hitting new highs in new cases. And for the state we are reaching new numbers over 5000 too frequently.

I wonder if any of this could be traced back to the lines in early voting and to election day?

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Good question. Early voting,

Good question. Early voting, with long lines, started 10/14. You would expect to see cases start showing up 10/24-10/28. Maybe our resident tracker could look at that.

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Are you talking about this

Are you talking about this resident tracker? I think your better half has already reported on Blount counties rise during that period. Could it also be tied to the election?

Blount County coronavirus cases over 3,500 as of 10/30/2020

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I myself use

I myself use to track the total amount of cases and new cases of covid-19 here in the US and in the world and have done so from the very beginning of the pandemic. Today when I went to the site a message suddenly popped up saying, "We value your privacy". When I see those words it sends up red flags to me. I've been blocked from accessing the information unless I click on their options which I refuse to do. Do you or the Ms. use this same website for your numbers and if so have you suddenly experienced the same issue? I'm wondering, why now?

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This statement by Lindsey

This statement by Lindsey Graham to Georgia's Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger, makes me question if there should be an investigation into South Carolina's election? Graham asked Raffensperger, if he could throw out legal mail in ballots?

Georgia’s secretary of state says Lindsey Graham suggested he throw out legal ballots

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