Statement from Knox Co. Mayor Tim Burchett:

"For nearly eight years, I have worked to restore trust in Knox County Government by increasing transparency, focusing on the proper role and scope of government and being conservative in the use of taxpayer dollars. It’s a shame to have my integrity and leadership called into question in a news story that leans heavily on the words of my now-convicted ex-wife and other anonymous sources. Until my office was contacted by a Nashville reporter midday yesterday, I was unaware of any alleged inquiry. In fact, I do not believe such an inquiry exists, and I ask the FBI to publicly state whether or not it does. Additionally, I welcome any questions they or any other agency may have. This is clearly an effort by my political enemies to smear my reputation, and the Tennessean has allowed itself to be a participant."

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If you haven't read it, the

If you haven't read it, the news article is incoherent. I stopped reading when I saw AB's name.

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Upcoming election

Without getting into the politics of it and merits of the candidates, Tim Burchett will be running in a contested election for Jimmy Duncan's seat. Based on local news, one might infer that there are Republicans who would prefer other than Mayor Burchett to prevail. It's not hard to draw a line between the upcoming election and this "story".

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Jack McElroy

Needs to go. That is a unsubstantiated hit piece without proper sourcing.

Burchett should sue the paper. Allison Burchett is not a source.

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It came out of the Nashville

It came out of the Nashville newsroom, not the KNS. Just FYI.

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Yeah, but I bet it's on

Yeah, but I bet it's on tomorrow's front page and that somebody at KNS was one of the "sources."

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I find it very interesting

I find it very interesting that the "sources" approached a political reporter in Nashville and not the criminal justice reporter in Knoxville who actually has a lot of fed sources.

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Hmmm, more political than

Hmmm, more political than criminal?

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Doesn't everything now come

Doesn't everything now come out of Nashville? Does Knoxville even have a newsroom? (:

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Knoxville's Newsroom

You're it. Time to step up. Get the daily hits up to 50,000 every day. It's not that hard.

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based on this story

Burchett should sue the Knoxville News Sentinel. About the same quality of reporting that Brian Ross does.

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Only time will tell

well the good side to this is that it is not a last minute story. This can only help Burchett. In the end if the feds are investigating and we see nothing we will know the truth.

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An update, of sorts

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Thanks. Great follow-up.

Thanks. Great follow-up.

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