From the Orange County, NY paper this morning.

Sullivan County announced Friday evening that it would limit retail sales of gas and diesel fuel to prevent mass purchases by people intending to resell the fuel in the New York City area. Consumers will be allowed to fill their vehicles and a small additional container, according to a county statement.

Orange County Executive Ed Diana said Friday afternoon that fuel is being disbursed to local gas stations, but it is not enough to keep up with heightened demand.

He is considering putting rationing rules in place, a step Rockland County implemented Friday.

Gov. Cuomo says don't panic. There was fuel delivery on Friday, via barge, but gas is going fast. But, to help make deliveries easier:

Cuomo also signed an executive order waiving New York's requirement that fuel tankers register and pay a tax before unloading to help get gasoline to consumers left in a lurch after the superstorm.

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Heard on the news last night

Heard on the news last night that Obama was sending a bunch of fuel that way (sorry, didn't catch details). So maybe the situation will ease soon.

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