As new health insurance laws take effect next year, many believe that companies will opt out of providing health insurance by paying fines that are cheaper than premiums or by converting employees to part time.

This Forbes article makes a case that this is a feature, not a bug. The argument is that, over time, health insurance costs will go down and transparency and portability will improve as more people move away from employer provided insurance and into private insurance markets.

I'm all for anything that ends the current system of employer provided insurance that excludes too many people. I hope the exchanges succeed in providing affordable alternatives. Eventually we will join the rest of the civilized world in having universal single-payer health insurance, but probably not in my lifetime.

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Well said! We need a huge

Well said! We need a huge change on this system!

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Employers will move out of

Employers will move out of providing subsidized health insurance, for sure. I am not sure the replacement coverage available will be either cheaper or better, because of the changes in the pool of insured. One would like to hope so, but...

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I keep hoping for some sort

I keep hoping for some sort of private/public health insurance not tied to employers. It would be nice to be able to relocate without worrying about retaining health insurance.

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I know the owner of the

I know the owner of the company I work for has mentioned several times that it might just be cheaper for him to pay the penalties than his part of our insurance. He also is very concerned about the 50 employee mark. We are just about there and he is not sure which direction to go. Should make for an interesting next couple of years getting it all worked out.

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Join the rest of the

Join the rest of the civilized world? Not if the Republicans can continue to have their way. Maybe after the next census and redistricting of House seats.With the demographics trends favoring Dems in the long run, maybe you will live to see a single payer plan in America. I sure hope that miracle happens sooner than later.


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