Nov 29 2012
11:20 am

Steven Glaser, a Democrat who ran unsuccessfully for state house, is circulating an email blasting the TNDP for their lack of support. You can read it here.

The TNDP's somewhat wishy-washy response, also at the above link, is perhaps a little too polite. They didn't mention that the candidate had a string of bankruptcies and IRS tax liens totaling more than $100K going back to 1988.

While that doesn't instill a great deal of confidence in a candidate's sense of fiscal responsibility, in GOP bizarro world such shortcomings are far worse than being indicted for assaulting your wife (like newly reelected Republican State Rep. David Hawk) or having sex with patients and pressuring them to get an abortion (like newly reelected Republican Congressman Scott DesJarlais, whose Democratic opponent had similar IRS problems).

But regardless of whether Glaser's characterizations of the TNDP are accurate (they probably are, but possibly for the reasons cited above), it appears that some of the TNDP's underlying problems are related more to recruiting good candidates who can stand up to voter scrutiny outside their local comfort zone (a standard that only seems to apply to Democrats in Tennessee politics). On the other hand, it's not clear why anyone would want to subject themselves to the TNGOP slime machine, so hats off to those who did and prevailed.

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it's not clear why anyone

it's not clear why anyone would want to subject themselves to the TNGOP slime machine, so hats off to those who did and prevailed.

And a big fat raspberry to those who quit rather than engage the fight (I'm looking at you, Bart Gordon & John Tanner).

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Yep sounds right.

The comment about candidates having to beg to be put on the web site happens each election cycle and is a symbolic of the disregard for local candidates. We're on our own against a vastly more organized state GOP.

Someday we may get a state chair that can find his/her ass with both hands, but we have to be focused on picking a chair based on their capability, not who they know or if it's their "turn". The decision
Must be outcome-based. I'm not saying Chip didn't try and didn't improve things, but we still must look at the outcome and realize we have to do better.

I'd say Gloria for chair, but she has another job. She's demonstrated outcome.

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State Sen. Sherry Jones is

State Sen. Sherry Jones is reportedly eyeing the position. She'd be a good choice but without other fundamental changes (i.e. blowing up the executive committee) I don't know that anyone chairing the party has a chance in hell of doing anything productive.

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