Drive past Western Avenue and go up Richmond Hill. Near the top you'll find some tiny additions to Knoxville — 640-square-foot urban cottages, all part of the Richmond Orchard conservation community.

'Urban Cottages' offer new take on tiny homes

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$110K seems high for 640

$110K seems high for 640 s.f., although the house does look easily expandable. KCDC could probably do this for $79K or so.

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Yowza! That's does seem like

Yowza! That's does seem like a lot.

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new tiny houses 2 miles from downtown

For those who cannot pay more than $110,000 for a brand new detached home within 2 miles of downtown, the cottages in Richmond Orchard are the ONLY homes available right now.
The only NEW condo of similar size (660sf) I could find within 2 miles of downtown today is on Glennwood Ave. for $134,000.
That one comes to 203/sq.ft., whereas Richmond Orchard is around $170/sq.ft. and it includes 3 covered porches and use of 1.5 acres of urban forest.
These site-built 640 sq.ft. urban cottages are the best deal I've been able to find in Knoxville.

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I grew up a few blocks away

I grew up a few blocks away from there. My mom still lives there. That seems a little high for the area. My brother bought a house next door to mom's and is renovating.It has 1,250 sq. ft. He plans to sell for around $120,000. We built a small 600 sq ft house next to my brother's house in Corryton two years ago for a little over $70,000.

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