May 13 2010
06:25 am

TVA refused to respond to a News Sentinel FOI request regarding executive salaries, and now the KNS is saying they will probably have to sue.

TVA has a long history of being at times a private corporation, i.e. when they want to pay executives more than federal employees are allowed to make under the law, and a government agency, i.e. when they want to declare themselves immune from lawsuits.

In this case they are a hybrid, saying the information would put the government at a competitive disadvantage plus it's an invasion of privacy. Which is baloney. The real problem is they don't want you to know how much they were paid to preside over one of the largest environmental disasters in U.S. history.

Here's another article about it.

UPDATE: TVA agrees to release salaries

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Well, you are a leftist

Well, you are a leftist prick. Who cares who you are, what you think or what you want to know?

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So the KNS are a bunch of

So the KNS are a bunch of leftist pricks? please

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I care.

I care.

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There is no Left or Right in this situation

There is only corporatism aka crony capitalism.

Private corporations protect the property that they own and they are required to make a profit in order to exist. In other words they must create value for their customers.

The government uses coercion or force in order to achieve monopoly control over various services and industries and are not required to give value to their customers in order to continue to exist. This is because the politicians who continually to support them are often paid using the profits reaped by the corporations who are receiving extra benefits from government. This creates a vicious cycle ripe for corruption and abuse.

Anybody who claims to be on the "right", yet supports big government corporatism is confused about their beliefs.

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