Oct 21 2021
08:11 am

We thought to go see the changing of the leaves this year. It's usually a pleasant experience, especially since we can go during the week.

On Friday, October 15, we wanted to go to Clingman's Dome then to Cherohala Skyway back home through U.S. 129 (the dragon) and Joyce Kilmer Forest. It took us three (yes 3) hours to get from Alcoa to the Smoky Mountains Visitor Center just outside of Gatlinburg. The majority of time was spent on the outskirts of Gatlinburg and going through Gatlinburg. Pigeon Forge was fine. Needless to say, we elected to head home over River Road to Townsend.

On Wednesday, October 20, we elected to go U.S. 129 (the dragon) to Joyce Kilmer Forest, Cherohala Skyway, then back down 165 to Tellico Plains. Not a lot of traffic. There was apparently an exotic car road rally happening. We saw lots of Ferraris, some Maseratis and Corvettes. Even a compact Mercedes SUV keeping up with the rally cars. We've been to lots of IMSA and SCCA races so found it kind of interesting. However, we were losing interest when some of the cars would pass us (me driving) on the dragon.

Then near mile marker 3 we round a curve and lo and behold all has stopped and we encounter a $330,000 + Ferrari flipped on its top.

Yowza. Pretty sure this is one of the cars that had passed us just a couple of moments before the crash. So far it has been reported that everyone is fine.

We did get to continue on on short road trip. However, I'm thinking we should give up seeing the leaves locally.


bizgrrl's picture

My brother was on the dragon

My brother was on the dragon Sunday, 10/17/2021. He, too, encountered a wreck. Didn't see the vehicle.

Way to many wrecks on this road and it doesn't seem that anyone is doing anything about it. But, hey let's build extra 4-8 lane roads in Alcoa to stop the wrecks.

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