"The Tennessee State democratic Executive Committee is the governing body of Tennessee Democratic Party (TNDP). As such, we are by definition a support group that helps elect Democrats throughout Tennessee. I am proud to have the opportunity to donate my time, energy and money to the TNDP. I have done so consistently for many years.

One of the responsibilities and expectations of Executive Committee Members is donating money. Sylvia and (the late) Harold Woods have been consistent donors. Committeewoman Gayle Alley has been a consistent donor. Contributing $ is part of the job of a Committee Member

Mr. Harmon's complaint reminds one of the story when someone shouted, "Give 'um Hell, Harry." at President Harry Truman. He replied, "I just tell the truth and they think it's Hell."

Mr. Harmon has spent the entire campaign bragging about bringing "resources" to candidates. But the reality is he has never given any money-or any other visible resource- to the Tennessee Democratic Party. Yes, I guess the truth hurts his campaign, but elections are about choices and to date Mr. Harmon had chosen to be "Missing in Action" when it comes to contributing to Tennessee Democratic Nominees except in rare instances.

In my campaign I have stressed the need to help elect Democrats at the County, State and National levels. I've talked about the need for Tennessee to expand Medicaid. I've promoted the entire Democratic ticket. It's the same thing I've done for many years. I will continue to do so."

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Bill Owen Stats

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Thanks, Ken. If nothing else,

Thanks, Ken. If nothing else, this demonstrates that no one can seriously dispute Owen's allegiance and support of Democrats.

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Hey, Kenny, where did you

Hey, Kenny, where did you obtain this info?

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I helped Bill set up his KV

I helped Bill set up his KV account today and he provided it and asked me to post it since he didn't know how to attach it in the original article.

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Thanks for the update.

Thanks for the update.

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Executive Committee Responsibilies

It is mentioned that one of the responsibilities of the Executive Committee is to make financial contributions to the TNDP, and list the Executive Committee members who contribute. While I contributed to the TNDP during Chip Forrester's term (as a member of the Finance Council), I have not done so during Roy Herron's tenure. As Mark Harmon is not yet a member of this committee, this is not a requirement for candidates.

Kim Webber
Candidate (unopposed) 7th District Democratic Executive Committeewoman

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There's one

But still don't know what the other responsibilities are.

I went to the website and found no useful information about the role of the Committee.

The elephant in the room seems to me to be about the fight for the heart and soul of the Party's direction.

I don't know if John McKamey sounds like the lead character in Slingblade, wont travel or what, but he should be everywhere. For no other reason than to show Haslam's erroneous thinking by contrast.

But the fact he couldn't even get recognition at the Jackson dinner speaks volumes.

All the handwringing over who gets to make the decisions doesn't amount to much if the decisions are chronically bad.

Starting with electing Republican-lite to head the Party.

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Duties of Ex-Com members

You asked for it:

The party bylaws sets forth the Ex-Com's responsibilities. Specifically, Article III, Section 2. Enumerated Powers And Responsibilities, states:

Responsibilities of the Committee include:

(a) Deciding if and when to have State Party conventions and planning and directing such conventions.
(b) Establishing the procedure for selecting Party nominees for offices for which the procedure is not established by statute (see TCA §§ 2-13-202, 203).
(c) Establishing the procedure for selecting members of the Democratic National Committee, subject to the mandates of the Democratic National Committee.
(d) Establishing the procedure for selecting delegates to the Democratic National Convention (see TCA §§ 2-13-301 through 320), subject to the mandates of the Democratic National Committee.
(e) Functioning as the State Democratic Primary Board (see TCA §§ 2-13-102, et seq.).
(f) Establishing the procedures and rules for organizing and functioning of County Democratic Executive Committees and maintaining close relationships with such committees.
(g) Establishing and assuming responsibility for the operation of a State Democratic Party Headquarters.
(h) Engaging in planning and executing strategies to best utilize Committee resources to aid in the election of Democrats statewide.
(i) Providing for record keeping, including, but not limited to, a current list of all county parties and committees, minutes of meetings of this committee, and complete financial reports from the Treasurer.
(j) Performing any and all other functions necessary and proper to conduct the affairs of the Tennessee Democratic Party.
(k) Establishing the dates and times for county party and county executive committee reorganizations, which shall be held in odd-numbered years, pursuant to law.
(l) To the maximum extent allowed by law, the Tennessee Democratic Executive Committee shall insure that Party nominees for elected offices are bona fide Democrats as defined in Article IV, § 1, below. In the event that a county party, in compliance with its Bylaws, challenges a candidate for any office be it local, county, state or federal, against appearing on the ballot as a Democrat for failing to vote in at least three of the immediate prior five Democratic primaries, the challenge shall be referred to the County Party Development Committee which shall by a simple majority vote of its members make a recommendation to the State Party Chair. The Chair shall decide whether or not the candidate may
appear on the ballot as a Democrat. The county party or the candidate has the right to appeal the Chair’s decision to the full Executive Committee which may overturn the Chair’s decision by a two-thirds vote of those present. The county
party, Party Chair or the Executive Committee shall have the right to waive the foregoing prohibition against a candidate appearing on a ballot as a Democrat for good cause and when justice so requires.

Oh yeah, and SECTION 3 states that the "Committee shall be responsible for establishing and approving budgets after quarterly presentations by the Finance Committee."

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The idea that money is the

The idea that money is the most important indicator of suitability for this (or any) public office is offensive – to me, anyway.
Mark Harmon was knocking on my door in support of local candidates before I ever knew him. He's been an active supporter of more Democratic candidates than I can remember, going back to Jim Andrews' campaign for sheriff.
He went door-to-door for Amy Broyles (in at least two, maybe three campaigns), and for Gloria Johnson both times she has run, and I know he and Becky have been active in more campaigns than I can count. Becky, btw, did yeoman's work in the run-up to the ACA, as a volunteer.

Mark was on the front row holding a sign at Gloria J's rally for education this spring – the only sign of Bill Owen came when a guy handed me some Owen literature. He was in a hurry to hand the stuff out and didn't have time to talk, but told me he was hired to be there.

Seriously, all this talk about money leaves me cold, whether it's Owen bragging about all his political contributions (isn't that pretty much what a lobbyist does?), Ball supporters bragging about his wealth, Haslam supporters bragging about his wealth or Jason Emert bragging about how much money he raised.

Is money what it's all about?


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Mark Harmon took the time to give me valuable advice when I was running for local office many years ago. Some of the money I received from the local D party may well have come indirectly from Bill Owen but I don't recall any direct contributions.

Like Beanster I don't like to see this be all about the money. That's what's wrong with politics today.

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Bean and Goose speak volumes.

Bean and Goose speak volumes.

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Sometimes I feel like Nick Nolte


The realities of modern politics and what cynical idealists like myself look for are usually two different things. I'm torn between being compelled to involve myself at a greater level or just saying "To hell with it" and moving away from the whole process.

This scene perfectly describes the image we are generating through these primaries.

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