Chad Tindell says it's a bad idea, reports Mike Donila.

Read the article, and you tell me. Sounds like Chad Tindell had an outstanding record of accomplishment until he had to take the fall for his boss. Now his boss says that hiring a tax collection lawyer was a good idea before but isn't such a good idea now because, get this, Chad Tindell was too good at his job.

Furthermore, why is it that the good guys in local government always seem to get the short end of the stick while rogues and scoundrels go about their business as usual? Also, how can someone be guilty of facilitating a crime that nobody has ever owned up to or been held accountable for?

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$8 Million

Once it goes back to the LD office, it won't get the attention it got with a dedicated attorney.

So the question is- where will Commission make $8 million in cuts to compensate for this change?

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"leave my son alone!"

I can't believe this guy is still in office to make any decisions.

Maybe he's been granted judicial "aversion"?

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Was this the plan all along and Duncan just acquiessed?

Can't imagine that this is that complicated and does this type of tax collection work really require a full time attorney to complete? Looks like it has been a gravey train for everybody that touches it and our government goobers like to fight over the gravey time and time again.

I can see this is a pretty simple task that the county law director's office should staff, but I'm not sure it is a full time gig for a guy in a suit with a briefcase.

I'd rather the law director's office pursue the basic stuff like collection of property taxes and hire out the complicated stuff like the educational lawsuits filed by students and certain contracting types of cases where the law director's track record has not been so good as of late.

Reading between the lines, this looks like actions by Duncan to give the law director's office some feathers for their caps and something to do other than look at his accounting and reconcilliation messes all day long.

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Actually, yes.

$8M is a LOT of small delinquent properties if you think about it. I don't know how many, but I know many properties that are foreclosed in the sub- $10,000 range, so it could be as much as 400-600 properties in a year, easily.

For each of those, the titles have to be cleared. That's no small feat. So, given maybe 90 days to do each one, the attorney is jugging 100+ properties at any given time. And clearing those titles is a pretty specialized thing (and probably involves trips to Nashville for state records as well, I would guess). It's pretty far removed from litigation and interpretation issues that the LD normally deals with.

As I said, let's go ahead and find $8M in cuts if we're going to do this.

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Another thing folks may not

Another thing folks may not realize Chad Tindell has worked hard on is working with the City on getting changes made to the tax laws to make it easier to address blighted properties.

I wonder who will pick up that effort now?

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No good deed ever goes

No good deed ever goes unpunished.

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Deliquent tax properties are a mess

to deal with. That's why it takes a specialist to pursue them. Owners die and the heirs are scattered all over and hard to track down - for a low-value property especially. Then each of them have to agree to whatever resolution there is to give the county a clear title and there is no incentive on their part. It's more complicated than sending out a bill. It takes persistence, patience, and structural changes to the process. That's what Tindell was working toward. Meanwhile, the lots are overgrown, the neighbors complain, and it may take years to clear up the title to put the lot on homemakers list to sell. Not only that, but during a previous administration, many of the staff at the top did not pay property taxes - with no recourse - for years... I's sure if Tindell had known what a low-life JD3 turned out to be, he would not have joined his administration. Chad Tindell is a principled, dedicated attorney who donates a lot of time and expertise to non-profits in our community. JD3 bears the responsibility for the salary suit - who else would be the "facilitatee"???

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$8 million was just back taxes, it's not a new revenue stream

The back tax bill probably should never be allowed to get past 4 or 5 million, but there will always be a balance to be collected in delinquent tax sales.

If this guy is such a whiz bang crackerjack tax collector, involved in the community, principled, dedicated, stand up guy, why is he pleading guilty to a class E felony? This makes no sense whatsoever, signing legal papers can be addressed by the court they are filed in or the regulatory body that governs lawyers.

Why does Bud not hire the guy?

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Interesting review of the trustee's attorney debacle

Something isn't quite right, people with these types of credentials don't get indicted and they certainly don't plead guilty to anything other than doing a good job.


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