Dec 31 2017
09:34 am


American taxpayers have spent close to an astonishing $92 million to ferry him to and from his privately owned golf courses. Donald Trump has spent more time golfing and vacationing than any other president in modern American history.

What else could have been expected of this man being the president? There are definitely more important things to do than pay attention to our country.

Apparently the Democratic presidents don't get the job.

(Anonymous)'s picture

Trump's election has given

Trump's election has given you people mass mental illness. You're yelling at animatronics now !

JaHu's picture

News about Disney's

News about Disney's animatronic Trump is nothing more than 'fake Trump news'.

Treehouse's picture

You seem nice

It's the "you people" I really enjoyed.

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And this...

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The less time he spends being

The less time he spends being president the better. Keep golfing.

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Just imagine how much more he could fuck up if he wasn't lazy, stupid and insane!

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I remember on election night

I remember on election night 2016 how you guys were talking about stock markets crashing when Trump won. And you were shocked Trump won !!


A more clueless group of individuals would be hard to find. Just admit you're clueless about most everything and it will be easier.

B Harmon's picture

Troll alert!

The empty bravado of someone posting anonymously is always amusing.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Clueless? That is a good

Clueless? That is a good description of an ignorant and racist Trump supporter.There is no excuse for supporting a mentally ill, racist, woman abusing, evil man like Trump. You have just admitted that you are a clueless Trump supporter. I hope that you fit more into the ignorant category than racist. You need all of our prayers. I am not surprised that you did not leave your name. You should be ashamed. There is no way you can be proud of your mindless support for Trump.

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election night 2016 how you guys were talking about stock market

On that day, Barack was president and stood on a solid economy that he and the Dems had launched after he was sworn in. Trump lost the popular vote by 3 million votes. Yea, I was shocked by the repeat of 2000.

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