May 29 2018
07:52 pm

I'm watching this live. On Fox News. I lost count of the lies in the first five minutes. It's surreal. I'll wait for professionals to recap and factcheck. I don't have the stomach for it.

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It was awful! The crowd was

It was awful! The crowd was most excited when he mentioned Hillary. Someone needs to tell his fans it is time to learn a new note. What about the future? Surely they don't think they are at a Jeff Foxworthy or Larry the Cable Guy show? Do they?

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Trump and Cult of Conspiracy

These people go and vote.

Trump and Cult of Conspiracy

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Tennessee showing off again ...

WhitesCreek's picture

How dare that corrupt piece

How dare that corrupt piece of scum come into our state and insult the well loved by both sides former Governor Bredesen.

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