Jan 30 2018
05:37 am

For as little as $35, Trump supporters can have their name flashed on the screen during a Trump campaign live stream of the State of the Union address.

And why not? He's already running the federal government like a reality TV show. Throwing a telethon into the mix only makes sense.

Also, turn off your TV during Trump's speech. Set your DVR/Tivo to channels NOT showing the speech. Low ratings are the only thing Trump pays any attention to. Regardless, Trump will tweet about "the highest ratings ever in history for a State of the Union. Tremendous!"

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Trump lies again. He can't

Trump lies again. He can't stand not being #1.

"President Trump [in a tweet] says the 45.6 million television viewers for his first State of the Union address was “the highest number in history.” It was not. Not even close."

Most viewers for State of the Union addresses since 1994
• Clinton, Feb. 17, 1993: 66,900,000*
• Bush, Jan. 28, 2003: 62,061,000
• Clinton, Jan. 27, 1998: 53,077,000
• Obama, Feb. 24, 2009: 52,373,000*
• Bush, Jan. 29, 2002: 51,773,000
• Obama, Jan. 27, 2010: 48,009,595
• Trump, Feb 28, 2017: 47,741,000*
• Clinton, Jan. 25, 1994: 45,800,000
• Trump, Jan. 30, 2018: 45,551,000

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