Oct 5 2020
06:38 pm
By: BoB W.

Trump steps off Marine One on the front lawn after having said earlier "Don't be afraid of Coronavirus - don't let it rule your life". Donald: tell that to the families, friends, and associates of the 210,000+ people in the US (& the 1 MILLION+ people around the world) who have succumbed to the deadliest disease of our time. THEN, he walks up the WH steps, takes off his mask in defiance, & thumbs his nose to America. Deplorable.

Speaking on CNN, Jonathan S. Reiner, MD (professor of medicine at The George Washington University Medical Center) said that he "...expected him to hold up a Bible".

Typical Trump grandstanding.

There oughta be a law... but, if there were, 45 would just have the Supreme Court "fix it"

He just makes me so damn MAD!

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Did you notice how he had to

Did you notice how he had to breath through his mouth a couple of times trying to get a breath?

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I noticed that

Yes, I noticed he had labored breathing. Maybe he’ll take a turn for the worse.

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In my opinion I question if

In my opinion I question if he ever contracted the disease at all? This is why!

Back in 2016 Trump bought stock in the company Regeneron. Then back in June of this year he used US taxpayers money to buy up all of the worlds supply of the drug. Then he pretends to get covid-19 and forces the ones around him, even some doctors, to say he had the virus and then pretends he is miraculously cured of covid-19 in just three days while convincing everyone it's a miracle drug and everyone will want to use it. Now he'll pressures the FDA to pass it as the treatment of choice. Then he makes millions if not billions from the sale of the drug.

It's just something I feel needs to be considered. But then there is occums razor, and he probably, from foolish lack of respect for the dangers of the virus, contracted the disease from not social distancing and not wearing a mask. But in this case, I think even occum might be fooled this time.



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Americans showed Trump

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Roid rage

Right now the President is on heavy duty steroids. I expect he feels invincible. Eventually, he will come off of those steroids. If he's lucky, they will be able to taper him off so that the crash isn't bad. We'll see.

One thing I can say is that he got 10s of thousands of dollars in expensive, experimental drugs, not to count the cost of the rest of his health care. But the vast majority of us wouldn't see anything like that combination of drugs or treatment if we caught COVID. If he (or his followers) thinks he just skated thru a bad case of the flu, they have another think coming if they catch it.

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James Corden does his take on Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney - with a comical reference to Donald.


Don't be fooled by the beginning - the hilarity starts at about 20 seconds in.

It cracked me up!

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