Jan 17 2018
07:23 pm

A Federal Reserve survey released Wednesday found labor shortages all over the country. And more businesses said they had no choice but to pay more to attract and keep the workers they want, a sign that wage growth may finally be picking up.

American businesses can't find workers

Federal Reserve survey

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Oh, to move to Boston for a

Oh, to move to Boston for a software engineering position. For this southerner it wouldn't work. /sarcasm

Metulj From the Lurkzone's picture

We've got kids coming out of

We've got kids coming out of school with $80K a year jobs up here. It's insane. I've been headhunted 4 times in the past year to work for corporations. "You do know I am an academic and I know nothing about what your client does?" "My client needs to knowledge of your regional speciality." Translated we will pay you to help us find people in the Balkans to outsource the jobs we can't fill." NO.

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