Feb 20 2013
11:49 am

Three people have been found dead along railroad tracks in Knox County this year (less than two months), two in South Knoxville and one in Northeast Knoxville.

Local law enforcement report no foul play involved with the two deaths in South Knoxville. One person was alleged to commit suicide with a knife. The other is reported to die of a medical condition. No information is yet available for the third death in Northeast Knoxville.

What's going on? Are people being targeted? Or, is mental healthcare not available?

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A few years ago a CSX train

A few years ago a CSX train hit a suicide victim sitting in a lawn chair at the north portal of the Solway tunnel.

In 2001 I shot this photo of the Bakertown Road CSX crossing where the latest body was found. It's about two miles from my place as the crow flies.

Bakertown Road, Milepost 265.5

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Woman identified

[Verrana Janene] Martin’s injuries appear to have been sustained from walking into the side of a train.

no signs of foul play

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