Jun 27 2017
02:30 pm

...so that someday "we can find our way back again," she says.

That's the reason cited by Amy Siskind, former Wall Street exec of twenty years (and mom and gay and dog lover and jock and nerd, according to her Facebook profile), for having begun compiling and sharing in cyberspace her "Weekly List" of changing norms since Donald Trump's election.

Each post begins with: “Experts in authoritarianism advise to keep a list of things subtly changing around you, so you’ll remember.”

By Week 9, two million people were viewing her Facebook page. Now, in Week 32, she has hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook, Medium, and Twitter.

The Washington Post story yesterday here.

Siskind's Weekly List at Medium here.

(Hat tip to Michael Gill for introducing me to Siskind. I'm a new follower.)

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I had skimmed the WaPo yesterday, but had missed both the Siskind story and this one (below), which is item 8 on Siskind's 82-item list of happenings over the last week, Week 32 in Trumpland.

Trump Hotel DC will host a conference for anti-Islamic group, ACT for America, including a private tour. Neither the Trump organization or ACT would answer WAPO’s questions about the event and its cost.

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I should clarify that I'd missed a lot more of Siskind's news items than just the above referenced story about the anti-Islamic group--and I'll bet you did, too.

Do note that Siskind is linking each news item in her Weekly List back to its source, and that her sources look perfectly credible so far (I'm still plowing through just Week 32).

Anyway, I can absolutely see why so many readers value her compilations.

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