Dec 31 2017
09:58 am

From the New York Times,

When announcing this fall that the company, Sidewalk Labs, would create a city of tomorrow, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada promised the project would create "technologies that will help us build smarter, greener, more inclusive" communities. Even the nasty weather off Lake Ontario would be tamed, the developer pledged.
Quayside, as the project is known, will be laden with sensors and cameras tracking everyone who lives, works or merely passes through the area. In what Sidewalk calls a marriage of technology and urbanism, the resulting mass of data will be used to further shape and refine the new city.

Sidewalk Labs is a subsidiary of Google/Alphabet.

From the Toronto Star, things might just work out. Let’s not forget how Torontonians rose up to stop Doug Ford’s crass scheme to give away the Port Lands for a mega-mall. Torontonians had to save the waterfront then. They may have to again.

From the Toronto Globe and Mail, Sidewalk and Waterfront Toronto have merely signed an agreement to agree. Over the next year, Sidewalk and Waterfront will collaborate on a public consultation that will set the terms of their partnership and future physical development of homes, offices and retail on a 12-acre site. Sidewalk will spend an initial $10-million (U.S.), potentially followed by an additional $40-million, to fund that planning process over a full year. If the project goes ahead, other real-estate developers will work within the plan.

This is a huge project. Google/Alphabet has a lot of money. Should be interesting.


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