Dec 18 2017
12:44 pm

Ivanka Trump: "If you think about it, small businesses will have the lowest taxes since 1931, so think about how that gives them the latitude to be able to invest in growth."

Then came 1932, Herbert Hoover signed the Revenue Act of 1932, which "raised United States tax rates across the board, with the rate on top incomes rising from 25 percent to 63 percent. The estate tax was doubled and corporate taxes were raised by almost 15 percent."

For some reason, hearing Ivanka speak about taxes doesn't give me much confidence. But, then, not many people in the Trump administration give me much confidence.

Dec 17 2017
06:50 am

A dividend for the stockholders (go to about 21 minutes into the video).


As has been said here in the past, "Corporations are sitting on a record amount of cash reserves: nearly $2.3 trillion. That figure has been climbing steadily since the recession ended in 2009, and it's now double what it was in 2001. The reason CEOs aren't investing more of their liquid assets has little to do with the tax rate."

The flimsy one-page [tax reform] analysis Treasury released, ... is a politically driven document that amounts to economic malpractice.
The tax bill is an economically indefensible blunder that will harm our future.

Ah, whatever. At least I'm one of the majority of voters that selected the Democratic nominee for president. It doesn't make me feel great. I can say my votes did not result in this guy and these senators and representatives holding office.


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