What: 6th District Dems Social - Prof. Mike McKinney & Renee Hoyos
When: Friday, October 27, 2017 - 7:00pm
Where: Casual Pint Hardin Valley Rd

Join the 6th district Democrats for an evening of policy discussion about environmental issues featuring Prof. Mike McKinney and 2nd Congressional District Renee Hoyos discussing her candidacy. The 6th district is in the west Knoxville Karns area where folks are canvassing once a month and organizing electorally. Contact 6thdemskcdp@gmail.com

Sep 15 2017
01:25 pm

For the first time in forever, I made my way to the Guy Friday Breakfast. There was always the chance that some one new and interesting would show up and that was the case today.

The Democratic candidate for the Senate seat currently being ineffectively held by Bob Corker, James Mackler and his campaign assistant (whose name I have embarrassingly forgotten) were the two unknowns at this morning's breakfast.



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