Interesting that the reporter who wrote today’s piece didn’t even bother to interview me for this story - she simply lifted a quote from my Facebook page, taken out of context. You don’t just lift an out of context comment from someone’s private Facebook page. That’s lazy reporting. Plus the photos in the piece say “submitted,” although I certainly never submitted them for this piece that I didn’t even know was being written. I would have submitted them if asked but the fact is that I wasn’t so it’s inaccurate to say “submitted.” Plus, the photo of the advocate in the piece is of the (awesome, I consider him a good friend) David Huntley, not of me, even though the story is in large part about me. Also, Henry’s father is a county employee, not a city employee, and today’s story links directly to the most biased, mistake-riddled story ever written about my son - a story so inaccurate that the reporter who wrote it called me several years later to literally apologize for having written it. But still, today’s story links directly to that horrible piece of trash journalism. That makes me ill, knowing that this link means that even more people will today read that piece of garbage about my child, his life, and his death.

CORRECTION: Reporter Kristi Nelson did not use quotes from my Facebook page but from my public blog. However my belief that using out of context written material from the subject of a story rather than actually interviewing that subject remains.

UPDATE: I was able to get the News Sentinel to remove the link in the story to which I so strongly objected. I appreciate their prompt response to my expressed concerns.



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