Sep 25 2017
09:13 am
By: CE Petro  shortURL

On Sunday, Politico reported that Jared Kushner, among other aides, has been using his private email along side his official White House email account, to conduct WH business.


The use of personal email accounts in the Trump White House has been somewhat common, even though the president has been a harsh critic of Clinton’s private email habits, frequently leading “lock her up” chants as he traveled across the country on the campaign trail.

“It was an incredibly effective attack,” said Evan Siegfried, a GOP consultant. “He did a great job of injecting the emails into the mainstream.”

Trying to figure out the glaring double standard here.

The U.S. Attorney's office has subpoenaed Kushner Companies for information on its use of a program that allows foreigners residency to get green cards in exchange for investing $500,000 or more in projects that create at least 10 jobs. They're called EB-5 visas.

Kushner Companies used EB-5 funding for its One Journal Square and Trump Bay Street projects in Jersey City.

Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop is especially concerned about the use of the visa program for the Trump Bay Street project:

"I think the goal of the EB-5 program is low-income investment in low-income areas. And I think that that obviously didn't serve that goal," Fulop said.

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