Jan 20 2013
09:11 pm

From ABC News by way of Yahoo ...

#27 Knoxville
#40 Nashville

With increased travel, both internationally and domestically, and higher bedbug resistance to existing pesticides, Orkin has seen an almost 33 percent boost in bedbug business compared to 2011.

The company has just released its rankings of U.S. cities in order of the number of bedbug treatments from January to December 2012. The "Windy City" of Chicago tops the list, followed by Detroit, Los Angeles, Denver and Cincinnati.

Top City for Bedbugs Named

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It's hard to imagine

It's hard to imagine Knoxville being #27 considering the size of the city as compared to other cities much larger but further down the list. It does show Knoxville has moved up from #38 last year. What's going on?

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The clue may be in the first

The clue may be in the first sentence of the article, where it says "business is booming for pest control companies like Orkin" and the fact that the info is from a report provided by Orkin.

Maybe the Knoxville office is more aggressively reporting. Or maybe Orkin's marketing database analytics noted an opportunity for better penetration (i.e. bedbug remediation and prevention product not achieving expected targets) in this market.

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The 1982 World's Fair era

The 1982 World's Fair era motel across the interstate from Turkey Creek (most recently Park something)is supposedly infested with them. It's been closed (condemned?) for several months, but was recently listed for sale. They need to burn the place down.

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I travel a lot for business, and I am meticulous about how I handle staying in a hotel room. I check inside the curtains, under the mattress and behind the headboard for evidence of bedbugs, I never unpack my bags, I don't hang anything in the closet, and I never set my bags on the bed or the sofa in a hotel room.

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Have you every encountered

Have you every encountered any bedbugs?

I don't travel as much as I have in the past. I do get a little nervous when I get to my room. The only thing I really check is the mattress. I do have to admit I do all the things you don't. Guess I should be more careful.

Min's picture

No, I haven't encountered any yet.

But they creep me out so badly that I just don't want to take the risk. I blame it on all those shows about bedbug infestation that I watched this past year. They traumatized me. :-)

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