Apr 30 2020
06:31 pm

An article in the Tennessean criticizes Gov. Lee & Trump for being too slow to respond to coronavirus & says that Lee "should have listened to front-line health experts and taken aggressive measures weeks before".

All about the Benjamins? What do you think?

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He's working at being Trump's

He's working at being Trump's best bud. The problem is he is not family, thus never a best bud.

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For all the people that want

For all the people that want their "freedom" and want to get back to how things were, read this article. If we start getting together again in large groups, or maybe even small groups, or maybe just at the beauty salon, this could happen.

We ran out of space: bodies pile up as New York struggles to bury its dead.

More than 18,000 fatalities. That'smore than twice the size of the city of Alcoa.

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Yes, and now Lee wants

Yes, and now Lee wants everybody back to work so he can deny them unemployment.

And Today, Lee was at the White House praising Trump for his response, and saying he would test every single senior in a Tennessee long term care facility, two months after the first outbreak in a long term care facility.

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Athens Senior Care facility

Got hit today. I think both infection and death set in. I'm thinking about sending an e-mail to Rachael Maddow. Jacobs is running this town on Swedish Protocol. I think that should be examined and scrutinized. I'll do what I can.

There is a five to twelve day delay in between taking the Covid-19 test and getting the results. We would have had a chance with this test if we had it in February, but we've done well nonetheless.

I've also been looking at Morgan County. I know the Morgan County Correctional facility is there. It's large. I thought there may have been a federal or state facility there as well. 4 cases in the whole county. That strikes me as odd.

There's still no word as too when essential workers will have access to sanitary cleaning equipment and chemicals. Mayor Jacobs id guaranteed failure if he doesn't get his supply lines and logistics in order. What he has is not delivering is what needs to be delivered.. That supply chain is the mayor's responsibility. That and food for our underserved. He needs to get up off his ass and get trucks to where they are dumping food and haul it back here for distribution and canning in our churches and food banks. There is money in the budget for this kind of thing. "People gotta be able to make money" is not a viable strategy for dealing with a long term pandemic. The time to deal with this fall's food shortage is now.

I've been part of the greatest logistics and supply chain operation in the history of mankind for forty-two years. All I've ever done is work with packed orders, big and small, and gotten them places. It hurts me at every level to see what is happening out of sheer incompetence. I'm going to see about commodity transportation.

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Partly about the Benjamins;

Partly about the Benjamins; mostly about incompetence and magical thinking.

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It is more than "magical thinking." Ideology.

Lee et al believe that people are essentially on their own and that "the market" is the answer. Maybe that is magical but I think it is more intentional and purposeful than magic.

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