Sep 12 2019
07:50 am

Ten candidates qualified for this debate
. Thus, it will be a full stage.

3 hours, 8-11 pm, ET
ABC tv network or can be seen online

Klobuchar, Booker, Buttigieg, Sanders, Biden, Warren, Harris, Yang, O'Rourke, Castro

Mike Daugherty's picture

Castro and Yang need to stay

Castro and Yang need to stay home from now on and volunteer to help the eventual nominee! CNN moderators did a better job than MSNBC or ABC. Of course, today's debates are not really debates. Take a look at the 7 Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858, they actually debated. Or, even Kennedy- Nixon in 1960 where they actually dealt with so much more substance. I realize that with that many candidates it is a struggle to organize a debate that allows viewers to come away informed and feeling like that actually understand the positions of each candidate. But there has to be a better way.

bizgrrl's picture

Think your comparison doesn't

Think your comparison doesn't work. These debates are all with people from the same party. Works differently, IMO.

I might agree with you on Castro and Yang.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Even the debates between the

Even the debates between the nominees are not really debates, maybe joint press conferences full of bs but they do not even resemble a real debate.

You can put Booker in with Castro and Yang. He is a big disappointment and a big loser like Castro. Both lack the character needed to be elected to anything. Yang would not even have qualified if not for his $1,000 ploy. He needs to keep his present job and stay out of politics.

calloway1972's picture

As a result of this debate

As a result of this debate Russia has announced it no longer feels the need to interfere in the 2020 elections.

Let Mueller know.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Funny, I needed a laugh.

Funny, I needed a laugh.

R. Neal's picture

So you confirm they

So you confirm they interfered and helped Trump get elected. Thanks, Ivan!

fischbobber's picture

Some thoughts on "after"


I think he's right. For the first time in my life "cleaning the last guys mess up" is really the top duty of any of these candidates. I hope everyone views these candidates with that in mind, even if you have this issue in a different place in the top five.

bizgrrl's picture

Didn't Clinton and Obama both

Didn't Clinton and Obama both have to clean up? We're getting used to that qualification.

Mike Daugherty's picture

Our country will never

Our country will never recover from the damage done by Calloway's hero.
However, cleaning up the corrupt oval office and getting rid of his corrupt cabinet will be a huge improvement after Trump is defeated next year. Of course, with Trump's boy Barr in charge of the DOJ, no telling what kind of illegal election maneuvers Trump can pull off.

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