Mar 6 2013
05:13 pm

This open mic capture might otherwise be amusing if it weren't so offensive. "Uneducated people?" Like who? Working people in the state of Tennessee? Nice.

Min's picture


The whole lot of them.

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Remember how Haslam said

Remember how Haslam said during his state of the state that his administration was going to be efficient?

This is what he meant.

Not democratic. Not deliberative. Efficient.

The trains, such as they are, shall run on time. What an apt metaphor, even if accidental.

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Wonder if the majority of the

Wonder if the majority of the people this bill will negatively affect voted for Haslam and the rest?

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Sunshine on my shoulders, makes me


Legislation sooo good, they freak out at the thought of anyone hearing how they plan to get it.

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