NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)Tennessee could penalize some paid voter registration groups with fines for too many faulty signups and criminal charges for violating new requirements under a proposal passed by the House on Monday.

Several groups of protesters swarmed the Capitol. Some were removed from chambers by armed state troopers.

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"In advocating for the bill,

"In advocating for the bill, Hargett’s office has pointed to Tennessee Black Voter Project’s submission of about 10,000 Shelby County registrations on last year’s deadline, with many filled out incorrectly."

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Representatives voting aye

Representatives voting aye were: Baum, Boyd, Bricken, Byrd, Calfee, Carr, Cepicky, Cochran, Coley, Crawford, Curcio, Daniel, Doggett, Dunn, Eldridge, Faison, Farmer, Gant, Garrett, Griffey, Halford, Hall, Haston, Hawk, Hazlewood, Helton, Hicks, Hill M, Hill T, Holsclaw, Holt, Howell, Hulsey, Hurt, Johnson C, Keisling, Kumar, Lafferty, Lamberth, Leatherwood, Littleton, Lynn, Marsh, Moon, Ogles, Powers, Ragan, Ramsey, Reedy, Rudd, Rudder, Russell, Sanderson, Sexton C, Sexton J, Sherrell, Smith, Sparks, Terry, Tillis, Todd, Travis, Van Huss, Vaughan, Weaver, White, Whitson, Williams, Wright, Zachary, Mr. Speaker Casada -- 71.

Representatives voting no were: Beck, Camper, Chism, Clemmons, Cooper, DeBerry, Dixie, Freeman, Hakeem, Hardaway, Hodges, Jernigan, Johnson G, Lamar, Love, Miller, Mitchell, Parkinson, Potts, Powell, Shaw, Staples, Stewart, Thompson, Towns, Windle -- 26.


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So let's see......

The plan is to put the shitty schools in the traditionally black neighborhoods and then throw them in jail when they fill out their voter registration forms? That ought to work.

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Ridiculous. They don't want

Ridiculous. They don't want people to vote.

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They don't want certain

They don't want certain people to vote.

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It's the Republican way and

It's the Republican way and is the only way they can stay in office.

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NYT ope-ed by Cliff Albright,

NYT ope-ed by Cliff Albright, a co-founder of the Black Voters Matter Fund.

Close to 90,000 black voters were registered by the Tennessee Black Voter Project, led by the activist Tequila Johnson and the Equity Alliance, which partner with my organization, the Black Voters Matter Fund.

In Davidson County, whose county seat is Nashville, turnout was consistent with a presidential year — there was a remarkable 81 percent increase over the last midterm election. In Shelby County, which contains Memphis, the state’s largest city, turnout spiked 50 percent over the last midterm election to nearly 100,000 voters.
Even before the massive 2018 voter registration drives, Knoxville activists ran a slate of progressive candidates for City Council and successfully elected the city’s first Indian-American woman as a first-time candidate.

In short, black-led, community-based organizations throughout Tennessee have been registering more voters, turning them out to vote and winning more elections for progressive issues and candidates. The fact that racial progress here has resulted in a white backlash is consistent with Tennessee history.

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NAACP files

NAACP files lawsuit...


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ACLU files

ACLU files lawsuit...


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