May 7 2009
09:03 am

A Cuban immigrant shares this story in the latest TNGOP weekly report: grandmother used to sit us down every year and tell us a story.

It was about a young charismatic, articulate speaker who took the country by storm. He would go from town to town preaching his "gospel of change". His "change" promised redistribution of wealth, where everyone would prosper and flourish. Every time he made a speech his support grew larger and larger. In fact his support grew so large that the crowds finally put him in power.

Well, as soon as he took control and became the leader of the country, he quickly began his plan of "change". Unfortunately, it wasn’t the "change" the people were expecting.

He took control of the banks and businesses, and quickly got rid of any executives who disagreed with his way of thinking. He took control of the schools to start indoctrinating the children with his leftwing agenda. He took control of the churches and thus minimizing their influence on the people and their lives. He took the people's guns thus eliminating any chance of revolt to his ever increasing power over the land. And then he also created a nationalized healthcare system which ultimately turned into a nationwide rationed healthcare system.

And he did all this very quickly under the umbrella of "change".

Who was this ruler?

Fidel Castro. Does this story sound familiar?

My friends, we can’t let history repeat itself. We must stop President Obama from spreading his Socialist agenda.

And we must do it now.

OK, then.

Elrod's picture

Is this the College Republicans?

Oh, no, the College Republicans are probably more mature than this.

The TNGOP is a walking parody of conservatism. It's as if Stephen Colbert has invaded Bill Hobbs's brain and the party misses the irony.

gonzone's picture

hmmm ... who indeed

And he did all this very quickly under the umbrella of "change".

Who was this ruler?

Fidel Castro. Does this story sound familiar?

My friends, we can’t let history repeat itself. We must stop President Obama from spreading his Socialist agenda.

And we must do it now.

My friends, eh? Now where have I heard that phrase before? :-)

GOP Nero, the party of zero, the mouths of no.

"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?"

Sarge's picture

Ole granny must have been a

Ole granny must have been a close associate of corrupt ruler Batista or a member in good standing with the Miafa, you know the elite ruling classes of Cuba at the time.

EricLykins's picture

Havana Burning - Dan

Havana Burning - Dan Reeder

If I had a pistol
I could join a revolution
Just like Che
Imagine me
Hunkered down low in the sugarcane
Havana burnin'

They might say listen here
We got no soap and we got no beer
We fight for the Truth
And the Truth is clear
I say, "Who you gotta know to get a gun around here?
I wanna see
Havana burnin'"

And if you'd let me join in
me and Che
would be the best of friends
We'd wait for the day
Someone to say,
"Put on your camouflage vest and your black beret
And let's go watch
Havana burnin'"

If I had a pistol
I could join a revolution
Just like Che
Imagine me
Hunkered down low in the sugarcane
Havana burnin'

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TN Democrats respond w/ Kazakh immigrant

The Tennessee Democrats replied with a story from an immigrant from Kazakhstan who compared Bill Hobbs to Borat.

Anonymous Latino's picture

Is this their idea of Latino outreach?

Ay caramba!

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Solamente desean clases

Solamente desean clases debidas de Latinos.


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

bill young's picture

GOP Cracking

There is a crack in the Republican Party on the right.
Somewhat like in 1964 & 1976.

Both years insurgent conservative candidates ran for
the Republican presidential nomination.

Both years they lost..Goldwater by a mile in the general
..Reagan by an inch @ the convention.

In '64 the hard right dominated the debate on behalf
of Goldwater.John Birchers ect.

Goldwater didn't agree with the extremist but
they were glued to his cause.

Said one Goldwater leader:

"We've got superpatriots running thru the woods like a
collection of firebugs,& I keep running after them,
like Smokey the Bear,putting out fires.

We just don't need anymore enemies."

In '76,Reagan began to shed the skin of
conservative = extremist tag laid on Goldwater.

In '61 & '73 conservatives were not happy.

Nixon had been the nominee the year before.
And consevatives never cottoned much to ole Dick.

After all Goldwater's name was put in nomination
in '60..the only other name put in nomination
other than Nixon...

Don't forget '68.

Ronnie got in @ the convention &
teamed up with Rocky to try & stop Nixon.

Plus in '72 that conservative congressman
ran in the Republican presidential primaries.

Now ,like with Nixon, the conservatives didn't
cotton much to McCain.

The thing is in my lifetime..
the right has never run a 3rd
party candidate

Reagan & Goldwater were not leaving the
Republican Party.

2012 maybe the time that the right cracks &
goes 3rd party.

I'm thinkin it's going to be more like
Goldwater than Reagan.

Very hard right.

I'm thinking Palen will be the
TEA PARTY's 2012 presidential

JWB's picture

The future and direction of the Republicans...

will not be a matter entirely internal to the party itself. The Democrats luck or lack of it is a considerable factor to say the least. If BO's current economic policies and programs fail and the economy collapses further, unemployment proves problematic, his Afghanistan-Pakistan war goes poorly, Iraq drifts into civil war, his Palestine peace initiative alienates substanital portions of the Jewish and American Zionist communities, and any number of similar such things, the Republican's stock could go up very quickly. Remember how the Republicans had been written off after Nixon, then in just four years of the the Carter administration, which was perceived as a disaster, the electorate went for Reagan and in no small way. Of course the Republicans would have to come up with someone with Reagan's political skills, but perhaps in a few years such a person may materialize. Although I must say, it is hard to imagine the Republicans ever being voted back in as long as people remember Bush-Cheney no matter how bad things are. Nevertheless.

KC's picture

People matter less than

People matter less than environment in these situations.

Would Reagan or Goldwater have ever been popular without the backdrop of the Cold War? Doubtful.0

The GOP wants to bring those sentiments back, and they will...with the voters who would vote for them anyway.

With everybody else, those feelings are a thing of the past, and with a lot of the new voters, those feelings never existed, except for 9/11.

But it's not the same as the Cold War. Not even close.

bill young's picture

Points well taken JWB

I agree & the President has said if it's not working well in
3 years he's one & done.

In the '64 & '76 presidential elections the Republicans
were not going to win & those are the elections that
Goldwater & Reagan ran conservative insurgencies
for the Republican nomination.

In the '68 & '80 elections the Republicans won
because of failed Democratic presidents.

Both in '68 & '80 there were 3rd party candidates.

Wallace ran a Dixiecrat race baiting populist campaign
in '68.

Anderson ran a main street,midwestern,Republican
campaign in '80.

Though Wallace & Anderson were no friends of the
Republican presidential nominees in the end both
hurt the Democratic nominee.

As JWB pointed out if the President is viewed as failed
it changes everything.

The Republicans will be looking for the win.

In '68 Strom Thurmond held the southern delegates
@ the Republican Convention for Nixon over Reagan
because he wanted a winner.

And that's what will happen in '12 unless the President
is viewed as heading the country on the right track.

OTH if the President is doing well the Republicans
could face a 3rd party insurgency from the right.

And ,IMO, Palin has the ambition to run such a
3rd party campaign.

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I recently downloaded James

I recently downloaded James Carville's new book, 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation.

In it he mentions how young people growing up during the Great Depression became Democratic voters because of their experiences during those years. He figures the young voters of today were highly influenced by the ineptitude and corruption of the Bush regime in a similar fashion.

I'm about half way through the book and I recommend it.

Visit us at:

The Home

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More need to recognize this. Hell he's married to one of the worst ones, a Dick Cheney enabler.

"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?"

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