Oct 28 2012
08:10 am

The TNGOP sent out an ugly mailer saying "Vote early, vote often, that's the Gloria Johnson way" with a crude cartoon of some guy wearing a sticker saying "I voted 14 times." On the other side, it says Gloria Johnson opposes voter photo ID (as if there's a problem with that?) and suggests she's promoting voter fraud. How low can they go? They must be awfully worried.

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There's also a "Take the

There's also a "Take the Money and Run" TV spot comparing her to Lane Kiffin. Loe claims he don't know nothin' about it.
Dirtiest local campaign around.

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Yup, the Rs are worried.

Yup, the Rs are worried. Like they can't afford to lose one race. They're going to be able to do whatever they want in the legislature anyway.

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Just a thought

Historically, large turnouts have favored Democrats and by all accounts, this is shaping up to be a record turnout in Tennessee. My experience in my district is that the votes are counted before the polls even open and judging from the phone activity I saw at Downtown West, there seemed to be some concern over who all these people were and why were they showing up to vote.

I'm wondering if perhaps Republicans have begun to take their base for granted and if indeed there may not be a surprise or two come election day.

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