Nov 11 2008
05:54 am

Ilissa Gold reports that the entire TNDP staff has been let go, and the entire state party organization is currently Gray Sasser, Executive Director Kim Sasser Hayden, and office manager Vionne Williams. Ilissa has some other interesting rumors.

Waiting for the other shoe to drop...

UPDATE: Kleinheider has more details about what's going on.

UPDATE: NewsComa has the latest installment of As the TNDP World Turns.

Personally, I don't think Wade Munday's email (which he asked be kept private) had anything to do with anything except as a response to the recent blog chatter. I also think there's more than meets the eye.

I also think it's ironic they are funneling info through Kleinheider, who ain't exactly the Democrat's friend. Instead of enlisting a sympathetic and willing bunch of bloggers to help them spin the party line, they let everyone speculate and rumor-gate and then feed opposition-friendlies the scoop.

Finally, I think everyone should just chill until a) there is some official communication from the TNDP, or b) someone with direct, first-hand knowledge wants to go on record. And when that happens, you can read all about it at Kleinheider's. Heh.

UPDATE: Liberadio(!) Interview with Gray Sasser. (Says TNDP should spread Nasvhille's organization model around the state to win future elections. Isn't that exactly what Tennessee Democrats have been doing? And how's that working out? We're too Nashville-centric, and Nashville politics don't play in East TN or even Lincoln's 4th Congressional District, much less the 2nd. And organizing isn't the problem. It's voter education. Talking about Starbucks meetups is tactical thinking. We need a strategic plan to grow some progressive Democrats. Good interview, though, worth a listen, especially the part about culture wars. Apparently Democrats have conceded, at least in terms of their campaign message. Oh, and he's backing up the bus and running over Kurita again.)

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I'd long heard that Sasser

I'd long heard that Sasser wasn't going to seek another term...?


Dirty deeds done dirt cheap! Special holidays, Sundays and rates!

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Very Interesting

If you are a member of the state or local committee you must support all incumbents of your party & all nominees of your party.You dont have to like em or agree with em but you got to support em.You also cant support a candidate in the primary.

This means if an incumbent for example Lincoln Davis does not endorse the party's presidential candidate or if you dont like the Governor's lack of support for the presidential candidate...

It Doesn't Matter.

Incumbents are not bound by the party by laws to do anything but as a member of the committee you are bound to support nominees.

In order for a political party to work it must be displined in it's support of nominees & incumbents because the sole purpose of a party committee is to get folks elected.

Please make sure before you post on this that I'm saying MEMBERS OF THE STATE OR LOCAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY COMMITTEE!!!

If one is a Democrat but cant find it in their soul to support an incumbent Democrat..thats fine.

As I have made clear on Knoxviews I am a partisan Democrat.

I cut my teeth on Democratic politics in Hamblen County..the late Paul Bruce(party chair then county executive) had 2 rules:

1.Support Democratic incumbents/nominees unless they have been indicted.
2.Everybody's welcome.

We won alot of races in the late 70s till the early 90s.

We elected a Sheriff,County Mayor,Register of Deeds,Property Assesor,County & Court Clerks,School Superindent.Only one state rep in Hamblen County & we had that.Plus a US Congressman.

Many got mad at Paul's rule but we won by keeping our eyes on the partisan prize..win.But after Paul died the displine & unity died too.Hamblen County is now run by Republicans.

It's just fine that folks want to challenge the old guard of the party committee..new ideas & new blood.

But remember one thing the opportunity to take out the old guard is there because they got cocky & thru out an incumbent nominee for state senate & never saw the Republican take over coming.

If this new party order gang takes over & cant win elections..they too will be shown the door.

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Anybody know the answer?

Went to Party website to find by-laws..couldn't find them.

Wondering about terms on state executive committee.

Reason I ask is how do you elect a new wave chair if it's still an old guard committee?

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Nice report. Thanx...

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