Feb 9 2018
06:32 am

We thought Eddie Smith's attacks on Gloria Johnson were pretty low, but the Matlock campaign's attacks on Burchett are making that look like a kindergarten playground scuffle. And for some reason, the local daily newspaper of record is a willing participant.

The latest involves a $10,000 payment from ten years ago. The ethics complaint, filed by some random woman who just happened to notice the 1099 posted on twitter, says that Burchett didn't report it on his statement of interest while in the State Senate and alleges that it was a bribe to push through some legislation. Burchett says it was a "finder's fee" and has amended the ten year old filing. Presumably he paid taxes on it, because, you know, 1099.

Anyway, read the story. It's a sorry excuse for "journalism." Since when do people get 1099s for bribes? And how did this 1099 become public? And how did Burchett keep getting elected since then without this being made public? Oh, and here's the twitter account that appears to be the source of all these "scandals." Judge for yourself.

Look, I don't know Burchett that well and disagree with most of his politics, but he seems like a decent guy who doesn't deserve this. These tactics tell you more about his opponent than they tell you about Burchett. And it's another sad example of the News Sentinel's decline into irrelevance.

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What can you say? Someone

What can you say? Someone doesn't like Mayor Burchett. How in the world did she/they get one of his 1099s? I tell you, it's hard enough to do your taxes, then, if running for office, you have to do the same thing in a statement of interest. Do they have accountants that specialize in statements of interest?

The News Sentinel has a lot of words on this topic, including trying to say he took the money and voted on something that was related. Where they get this stuff, I'd like to know. Shouldn't they have more info before they allude to wrong-doing? They interviewed two people from the company with nothing to back up the KNS statement. Then, they interviewed someone on the Knox MPC who the KNS was told worked at this company, but the person said they had never heard of the company, much less worked there. Can you get the KNS at the grocery aisle like the other scandal rags?

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Who, I wonder, could hold

Who, I wonder, could hold animus towards Burchett and have had access to his 1099s?

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She's not a random woman

She's good pals with Allison, which, if they had bothered to google, would have found out very easily.

And what they also left out is an anon mass email (presumably from AB) went out the day before alleging everything that ended up in the ethics complaint filed the next day. It was allegedly sent to most of the legislature. (I was just forwarded a copy). If she had actually found out about it on Twitter, where'd she get the pages of supporting documentation to file with it? It's depressing as hell that the editors in Nashville aren't questioning the really shitty reporting on all of this.

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"Random woman" was facetious.

"Random woman" was facetious. She just happened to see that document on Twitter and just thought it should be looked into and it's not political at all!

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I'll bite

OK, who is she?

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From the article: "A Loudon

From the article:

"A Loudon County woman says she filed an ethics complaint against Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett for failing to disclose a $10,000 payment from an electronics company.

On Thursday, Melissa McCoy said she filed the complaint with the state Ethics Commission. The complaint stems from Burchett's time in the state Senate..."

That's about all we know, except she says she has known Tim Burchett and Allison Burchett "for years."

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Who else is running?

The conservative PAC (or whatever it is) that keeps showing up in my FB thread is also slamming Matlock.

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Republicans Tim Burchett -


Tim Burchett - Mayor of Knox County
Jason Emert
Brad Fullington
Ken Gross
Jimmy Matlock - State Rep.
Vito Sagliano
Marc Whitmire

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Which one is in the Duncan camp?


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I don't know all those folks,

I don't know all those folks, but of that list, Burchett is the only one that I would think of as even remotely ok in that office.

Williams I don't know yet. And he may be outstanding. Hoyos, unless something happens to change my mind, is someone I want somewhere in a legislative position in our federal, state or local government.

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I've known Tim since 1982.

Tim is as straight a shooter as there is. He and I don't always agree on policy but you always know where he stands because he'll look you in the eye and tell the truth. In addition, Tim understands that government has a function, something many Republicans, in their haste to avoid responsibility, try to deny. Again, we might disagree on certain functions of government, but we agree on others. And Tim listens. To insinuate that Tim deliberately hid a 1099 would be asking those of us that know him to believe that, out of the blue, one morning Tim woke up stupid and dishonest. We all make stupid mistakes and that's why we have divorce laws, but I simply don't believe Tim is dishonest. I will vouch for his integrity anywhere, anytime.

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Now there's a new anonymous

Now there's a new anonymous twitter account posting a photo of the top of Burchett's 2009 tax return, saying more to come...

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