New York Times: "In the final hours of Scott Pruitt’s tenure as administrator, the Environmental Protection Agency moved on Friday to effectively grant a loophole that will allow a major increase in the manufacturing of a diesel freight truck that produces as much as 55 times the air pollution as trucks that have modern emissions controls. ... The glider truck concept began so the engines of relatively new trucks that had been involved in accidents could be transferred to new truck bodies. But as the emissions control requirements went into effect in recent years, companies like Fitzgerald Glider Kits of Crossville, Tenn., began to attract thousands of buyers from around the United States — including many small fleet owners — that wanted to evade the new rules, getting trucks they argued were cheaper to run."

As Tom Humphrey noted last month, the Crossville company blamed the EPA and government regulations for layoffs and cutbacks in production. They also donated $225K to Diane Black's campaign for governor. Rep. Black had previously fought to get the law repealed. Looks like they got their money's worth.

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Of course,

I wish I thought the other Republicans would denounce this kind of thing...let's see.

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Politico: EPA intentionally delayed release of cancer study

Today's EPA

Administration officials within the Environmental Protection Agency are blocking a report from the public on the dangers of inhaling formaldehyde vapor, according to Politico.

The draft assessment, completed by EPA scientists shortly before the inauguration in 2017, shows that the inhalation of formaldehyde vapor puts people at risk of developing leukemia and other ailments, both a current and former agency official told Politico.

Politico: EPA intentionally delayed release of cancer study, officials say

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