Dec 5 2012
08:52 am

MoJo took a look at State Legislatures, and the work each got done, across the country, after the conservative landslide in 2010. Unfortunately, TN was deemed the worst of the worst. Hell, the TN State Legislature was given "500 bonus points" for, well, go read it all.

I can only imagine what our special brand of crazy will look like after the next session with the super-duper bat-sh** crazy TEAGop majority.

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At least we finally beat

At least we beat Florida and Georgia at something. It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad.

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Not on the list

And Texas didn't even make the list.

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I have a Texas friend who is

I have a Texas friend who is mad about that. He said if they succeeded that Mexico wouldn't take them back. He was saying that as an example of how crazy they are.

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Districting = institutionalizing the Batshit

I was of the mind Democrats will regain a foothold when the “crazy” gets “too crazy.”

Looking at the post-election numbers I’m no longer thinking that will be the case. We have arrived to the point where getting more votes doesn’t mean winning more seats; (link...)

Since “moderate” Republicans have decided to go into hiding, Tennessee Democrats should assume the moniker. The ACORN poll proves how easily fooled they are and being a moderate Republican still would put a real Democrat to the left of the Shulars, Claytons and Millers of the world.

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And Randy, voting all the lunatics back is what is sad.

It is understandable WHY our farm animals in Nashville won this prize. But the truly sad part is that they have done nothing for all the duped, uneducated voters who keep sending them back to our infamous Legislature. NOT ONE SINGLE jobs program. Shameful pandering to the coal industry, to the private for-profit charter schools and to the right wing loons who want to move into our homes, and our lives and make up crazy rules that fit THEIR ideas of imposing their far out religion on the rest of us. And of course we have the gun nuts, bought and owned by the NRA. Ron Ramsey must be expecting a BIG check from them.
Isn't the GOP even going to replace David Hawk? Or Curry Todd? This is sad, indeed.

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Stacey comments on MJ

Today, the KNS put the Tom Humphrey story on the front page of the online version here and our own Stacey has been commenting. Quite amusing to read.

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I considered answering with "Republicanism." But that would be wrong, so I am not suggesting it. Not me. Nope.

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From Campfield's comment:

From Campfield's comment:

you can tell a lot about a person by their enemies as well as their friends.

Yeah, reason, honesty, candor, ethics, intellectualism... these are the enemies of the state GOP. That tells you a lot about them.

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