Sep 21 2021
10:20 am


"Tennessee is delivering 7,000 doses of monoclonal antibodies per week"

Tennessean/Knoxnews (subscription required)

"The Tennessee state government now recommends nearly all vaccinated residents be denied access to monoclonal antibody treatment in a new effort to preserve a limited supply of antibody drugs for those who remain most vulnerable to the virus, largely by their own choice."

"Tennessee’s top health official, Health Commissioner Dr. Lisa Piercey, said Friday the new eligibility recommendation was “logical”...


Would it not be more logical to require vaccines in more situations???!!!???

There are so many of us doing the right things to prevent the spread of COVID-19. At this time we cannot control others that do not care about society as a whole. They appear to only care about themselves and what "fun" they can have.

Our hospitals and ICUs are full. The doctors and nurses are overwhelmed. They are begging everyone that is of age to get a vaccine. But no, those people unwilling to vaccinate want special treatment for being a$$#@!@&.


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All these a-holes wanting

All these a-holes wanting less Federal government, don't want to be forced to take this new vaccine, BUT they do want the Federal government to spend boocoo bucks to bail them out after attending a party, game, function without a vaccine, not wearing a mask, and no 6 foot separation.

"Antibody drugs cost taxpayers about $2,100 per dose.

The vaccines cost about $20."


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Thanks for saying this

Yes, vaccines are free and widely available. Testing costs money??!! And vaccinated people can get infected too and usually suffer less but still may need the monoclonal antibodies. They deserve the best treatment. To give the treatment to those who CHOOSE not to be vaccinated while cluttering up our hospitals is contrary to logic. This is why we lost the best local and state health officials who were working according to science. I am not real sorry that I don't have compassion for the unvaccinated who made their choices out of ignorance.

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Tennessee limiting monoclonal antibody treatment to unvaccinated

Monoclonal antibody treatment lessens the severity of Covid-19 symptoms, and with more cases of the highly infectious delta variant, the demand for it has soared.

But in recent months, 70 percent of the country’s supply has gone to seven Southern states: Alabama, Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Georgia and Louisiana.

Tennessee limiting monoclonal antibody treatment to unvaccinated residents

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Unbelievable! Unacceptable.

Unbelievable! Unacceptable.

I thought these people didn't need the Federal Government's help.

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Who Gives and Who Gets?

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